Nike Hyperdunk Canvas Pack (




Seemingly out of nowhere, Nike recently released a Canvas Pack of Nike Hyperdunks. The Nike Hyperdunk Canvas Pack features four colorways of the Nike Hyperdunk that all feature canvas uppers and do no feature Nike's Flywire technology (similar to the Nike Hypermax NFW). The Canvas Nike Hyperdunk comes in Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Blue. Each of the colorways features a solid upper with a White Swoosh, White midsole, and the outsole matches the upper.

At this point, the Canvas Nike Hyperdunk has only been spotted at NTLA. There is no word on wider release or any further release details.



Nike stop milking HDs... it's time to move on... and do something better... much better!
I kinda like them, especially the Grey. For casual wear only, I'm guessing they would look nice with jeans.
Maze.. is that Yellow the same Material as the Hypermax Tennis Balls? Or just color?

I think its aiight.. and if it sells.. another good thing for Nike to push sells and milk that thing.

All we need now is the Full Zoom Hyper lol
They remind me of these (Flight low).....something about thedifferent colored midsole and relatively simply undistracting upper w/o flywire
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