Nike/Jordan Brand at it again...Latest Hoody RECALLED

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SourceI'm sure most of you remember when we brought up the "Fake IV" Jordan Shirt fiasco I brought up some time ago . . .

And YES, these are REAL Jordan Brand hoodies made by Nike/JB. See for yourself:

Orange Version

Black Version

Take it for what it's worth . . .

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YES, thank you. :rofl:

What happens to those that already purchased? The people could keep them and then the hoody will be sought after, how ironic would that be? :rofl:

i used to sell rocks for a pair of air jordans/but i still flip blocks for that jordan money
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Jeez ...good call JB.
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i dont even see how that hoody could be considered to be on shelves
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Sooo... that image was suppose to resemble michael jordan? yikes.. go back to the drawing board fellas.
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Oh, Thank GOD. lol
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does any one have a pic of the fake IV t-shirt by any chance?
Where were you 8/29/07 ?



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i think nike corp reads nt.
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It look like MJ is doing the zoolander face. And its funny that now these sweaters will be somewhat of a collectors item since most will now be destroyed. These are now "limited".What is going on at JB?
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wait these were real? THESE WERE REAL?

I thought it was a PS for sure, I'm actually reevaluating my view on Brand Jordan, I used to think maybe they could be saved, now I know there's nothing good left.
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Whoa I just won $50 bucks. I was browsing through the XXIII forum and someone posted pics of these and my friend said that Jordan could never release something so ugly.

I told them they have done just as bad in the past.
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That's gotta be the funniest Jordan Brand story of the year.

I should almost cop this for the humor in it. :lol:
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Can you PLEASE post the actual FAX/email regarding the recall REDBRIM? I wanna see how these fools actually worded that letter.

How circuitous is this? Wouldn't it just be easier recalling Gemo than recalling all these Larry Jordan Dead Serious Hoodies from retailers.

You gotta imagine these dudes were up in Jerry Rice three months ago saying, "OMG, we kilt this!! The hood gonna eat this one up. We got that ignorant @#%$ you luuuuuh :lol:
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GR for now, but rumor has it Gentry's going to package it with a Toboggan and mitten set and sell it for $750
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^ :rofl:

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