Nike/Jordan event 3/27 at Howard Hughes Nordstroms Rack STORE WON'T TAKE PHONE ORDERS TIL 3/27

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What's good my NT fam, you know the drill by now.  The items will not be available until 3/27.  All items are between $39-$59.  The phone # to the store is 310-641-4046.  THE STORE WILL ACCEPT PHONE ORDERS.  As always it's first come first serve.  There is a TON of stuff for this event.  Here is a preview of a few items unpacked so far.  I will update as I get more pics.  Happy huntin"!!



They have 2K9's and a few lebrons out on their sales floor available now.

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May be a stupid question, but can I call now and order a pair nw? Or do I have to wait the day of?
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Stupid question, but how often are these events, and are these events basically just announcing new nike/jordan product?
Lastly, do we get shoe boxes with the shoes are just the shoes like most nordstrom racks.

I might need to swoop up some kobes and lebrons to ball in
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YO! Here's my question: how will we know what's available and size? I'd love to call & order; but I feel like I'd need to know what to order. DF!!!
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I'm not sure which cw of the Kobes are gonna be available. I'm actually not 100% that they will have them just yet. They are supposed to get the Kobe 4s and the 5s for this event.
The 2k9's are $59. The HOH 2k9s are a size 15, and I think that's the only one I saw. The blk and wht cw 2k9s are available in a couple different sizes as of last night.
Those and the lebron soldiers you can order from the store now. The soldiers are $44 I think. The shoes come in their og boxes usually.

The size availability varies. They usually have a good selection of sizes for events like this. I'll try to update size availability as well.
I'll update the store hours once I find out what their plan is for this event.
The store is located off the 405. It's really close to LAX. Call the store for exact directions.
Joined Oct 12, 2003 guys are asking if they else would you get your shoes if he said you can do phone orders?
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so right now doo they have some shoes there? or are they putting them up on shelves that day?
and this is the nordstroms rack in LA right?

and what the guy below me said.

"will other nordstrom racks carry the same things?"
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