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Joined Aug 27, 2016
feel the difference between the beads more when on feet longer, also very apparent where the beads aren't under foot, esp in the forefoot
Joined Jan 27, 2001
Athletes are notorious for switching up kicks every day or so.

Curious as to when/if OBJ gets to properly break these in since they need multiple wears to do so.
Joined Dec 18, 2015
Seen the blue void colorway in person today. Not bad but not for me.

Anyone seen a pair on discount yet? Lol.


I’m waiting for this colorway to drop soon, I like the beads color on them as well. I like how they much the upper of the shoes, like the other colorways.

Joined Sep 12, 2018
Tried on a pair of the Flyknit Runs this weekend.

Lumpy mattress is an accurate description. But I think they'd be comfortable once the beads settle to your foot. I wish they were a little higher cut for me...feels very low.

Associate said he got a pair a few weeks ago and loves them once broken in. Said he's ran in them but are best for casual wear....took around 3 days before they felt great for him.
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