nike just do it font ?

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Originally Posted by I fLiPzKiCkZ I

^ Good look. I was also wondering what font that was and now I just downloaded it
how did you find it , the one i can google is 26 $ !
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I think bijald0331 was pretty close with Futura Condensed Extra Bold. Looked it up and downloaded it, and sure enough it looks a lot like it (though the S's and couple of the curves are a bit off). Did some of my own research and found that the font used was Futura SH-XBold Con. Though I'm still in the process for looking for a free version of it.


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There won't be a free version of it. Companies like Nike commission their own font and don't release it. Any font that people tell you is theirs is just someone getting it as close as they can - or they've made a custom font from scratch by copying it - that's how you get those parody fonts like ihop.
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