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Joined Dec 21, 2019
Can't see if these have been posted?

Look quite interesting- 2 x different massaging soles.


Joined Oct 19, 2012
These look interesting, I am actually thinking of buying these to wear around the house.

I have not met a pair of slippers, expensive or otherwise, that don't wear out in <6 months :lol:
Joined Apr 1, 2014
wtf these sold over fast af anyone know if this is a typical Nike supply/hype thing or do I need to hit eBay. Wanted to cop
Joined Jul 27, 2012
I tried for the grey ones this morning but my SNkRS app was acting up so i took the L. The black ones didn’t sell out as fast. Looking back, i should’ve just bought the black pair to see how they fit and feel. But now, they are sold out. Lol.
Joined Dec 21, 2019
Yeah pretty gutted to get a L on these. Not sure where all the interset was? Would have thought they’d have higher numbers generally
Joined Dec 21, 2019
I sent mine back in the end, just couldn’t figure out when I’d ever wear them. Not as comfortable as either my birkenstocks or NF tent mules for kicking around at home, and ( once my wife said they looked hospital gown shoes ) impossible to wear outside.
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