nike one time only! Only releasing in TEXAS at premiumgoods.

How are these being priced? MSRP of the original models or all $160 like the 360s? Thanks.

I just sent a message to your inbox...

They don't about about RBJ's
They don't know about Gulfway Drive
They don't know about Louis Manor
or Carver Terrace, them boys gon' lie -
Bun B., describing the Land of The Trill, P.A.T., real live though...
retail for these suckas is 200. don't worry that's comin from nike... but comfort of 360 plus looks of some of the models will be worth it... FP, bacons, unions, and polka dot 360s all look dope...
showed up at 8:15 (kids at the front apparently waited since 10 pm friday) , was 15ish or so in line, got my Union 97s in 10.5. only thing that really sold fast were the FPs

as always, big ups to jennifer and everyone else at PG
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