Nike please Retro the OG Air Unlimited!!!! Please!!

Joined May 22, 2003
I've searched this forum and I haven't found anything about this amazing shoe! Since the Air Carnivores are already set to release later this year, why not give this shoe some love by doing its reincarnation in OG colorways especially the black/obsidian that C.Webb wore .. please Nike! I know this forum has somehow been a source of ideas to those guys in Beaverton, so I'm making a thread to atleast to gauge the love this shoe has on real sneakerheads and also a form of petition to make this retro happen

Please Nike, do this right and please make it available here in the Philippines!


Joined Jan 28, 2010
Co-Sign. I love this shoe. Its pretty dope. Chris Webber rockin' the blk/slate colorway.
Joined Aug 3, 2009
very dope shoe, reminds me of carnivores a bit.. not sure which came first but I'd cop

when they hit clearance
Joined Apr 20, 2005
First color up top was my fav, followed by the next one down. They're going to retro, but I'm not sure when. They're talking about it, but I think they want to see how carnivores do first.
Joined Jul 29, 2008
those are crazy, looks like a tinker design, they super fresh.. i like that little strap on the side
Joined Apr 26, 2002
I remember trying these on when they dropped and not liking how they looked for casual wear with shorts. Maybe I could pull them off with sweats or something but my legs are not long and these are kinda high and they just look funny.

Michigan killed these though, along with the flight huarache, and air force max b.
Joined Jul 13, 2002
Don't care for the Slate colorway.

Do the Emeralds right, i'll buy them on release.
Do them wrong, i won't buy them.
Joined Mar 27, 2007
Buy the Carnivores if you want these to release.

The two shoes have similar designs. Nike is sure to retro these if they do well.
Joined Jun 4, 2008
What's dope are those Air Maestro's, have they retroed the first ones that came out? I had a black pair (Fab 5 wore them) in high school and LOVED em, the second release that pippen wore re-retroed....please gimme some Maestros.
Joined May 22, 2003
I think if only Nike has decided to retro this first , and not the Carnivores this shoe will do well because the appeal is more universal imo due to the fact that they are basketball shoes, unlike the carnivores that you could only use now for casual wear, which will probably sit and hit the outlets in a short period of time.
Joined May 15, 2004
I agree that these shoes MUST be retroed asap. I loved my pair that I had way back in the day. I found a pair on a clearance table at some local mom/pop store in 1996. I definitely want another pair of these.
Joined May 22, 2003
The White/Black of these are also dope ! I had the Black/Slate way back and also beat the hell out of it. Although that colorway fades after some time it is still cool even if it looks so worn out.

So please NIKE! JUST DO IT!!!
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