<--------- NIKE RELEASES 2006 (UPDATE 12-4) +++++

when are these releasing?

LOOKING FOR sz8-9 SHOES for less than $150, EZINBO
Cant see pics :nerd:

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Does anyone know when the Year of the Dog AF1's are going to be released?I heard they were very Limited too
about the year of dogs, theres a super limited release and a quickstrike release, and i think theyre bothdropping later this month or early next month
oh, man...
Those pics posted were hidden from me... was it becos of the pics are expired? or my IP is blocked from em?

Well, anyway, I got some good news here as well!!!

2006 Nike Preview Pics


Fall 2006 Nike Air Max 90


Nike Dunk Premium highs dropping in Summer 2006. Check out the harlequin design on the side these are pretty crazy.
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