<--------- NIKE RELEASES 2006 (UPDATE 12-4) +++++

WHY NIKE? WHY MUST U MAKE ME SO BROKE! Man i will be busy this winter, those deltas are sick and those AM are dope too

You made it a hot post I made it a hot thread​
Thanks so much for all the pics and info, glad to see they are keeping you taken care of with info over there, and that your cool enough to share what you know.

Second, By the beard of Zeus there are a ton of shoes I will be copping.


email me @ drunkwhiteguy@gmail.com
AIM: drunk white guy

top left please...
buy what like not what NT does

gonna be a good year :smokin

This is the team for me. i always require medical attention​
for ebay auctions[/b]​


MFG!.. are both of these gr's??!?! or...
Penny 2s or 4s / Zoom Flight 95s / HUF AM1s / Huarache Light Runners / AD21 Huarache Bursts / Stussy Huarache Lights / Mita AF1s / Easter AF1s / GM Vandals / Co.Jp Vandals / Brazil Highs / Haze Lows / Veneers / Viotechs / Caves / Argons / Sambas...
spiridons, air stabs, denims, sertigs, baseball pack AM1s, cement 97s? im going to have 0 money after this year
looking for size 10/10.5
-carhartts-TRUE 97-Urawas-hunters-mahogany hemps
Am i the only one who thinks the cement print 97s are ******ed?

And im more pissed at the fact that they ruined the 97, than i am at the pimping out of the cement print.
cement 97s are hella stupid, aesthetically they don't make any sense on the 97, my opinion.

but nike can slap cement onto anything and people will buy because of the association with jordan/supreme.

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