Nike Safari *MID* <PIC>

Jun 10, 2002
Just stumbled onto this pic over in the CT Forums, not sure what to think about it. They remind me of the New Balance winter runner that is a mid cut.

Not a huge fan of this colorway, they might look cool in the OG colorway.

Would be awsome if they were Gore-Tex.



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Would be awsome if they were Gore-Tex

Those colors don't do it for me either, but would probably look better in a different colourway.

Not great, but those RBKs look nothing close to the same.
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OG + Gore Tex

And I would just have to buy those

Pretty interesting regardless
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ill prob end up getting all the colors once they drop to a ridiculously cheap price like the retro safari's....i remember being in nt when they dropped and the dude telling me youre the first person to buy these, needless to say i returned them later and it ended up being one of the better returns ive made
I actually like those
Other colours for sure....something mostly grey with a bright colour would be dope.
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I busted out my OG colorway yesterday and they were :smokin

definitely a super hot shoe.
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didn't mean to sound that sarcastic... Those pictures have been available for quite some time now, and 313731-001 (the style number for that shoe) doesn't show up on any of the future release database.

BeatMagic posted that picture on 5D back in December I think, and people knew about this hybrid even before then, but no one ever discussed it on NT.

no worries my friend - i understood your intentions.

just a little sad I got my hopes up.

Tell me though KDAY - with last Winter's dabbling in the Gore-Tex bin by Nike, what do they have instore for us for Fall/Winter '07?

They'll probably look more dope in person and w/ jeans imo.
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glad they got scrapped.
mheftman- gore-tex dunk his and an af3 should be coming out. kday should have plenty more infor.

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