nike samurai package... pretty neat. ( pic inside )

Dec 16, 2000
don't know if it was posted yet .. but here's a look @ the new samurai package...

-air force 1 low premium samurai pack

-dunk high premium samurai pack

-air force 3 premium samurai pack

-air trainer sc premium samurai pack

Sneakers and Sneakerking Shirts NOW AVAILABLE...
available as a BRS release. meaning in order for shops to carry them, they have to order all the jeans, t-shirts and hoodies that come with them. so what ever stores carried the brown mid AF-1 with the grey/purple stripped sides, will be getting these. Shiekh, niketown, spot, etc.
whats the release date.. those trainer sc's are a must... is that CANVAS material on the toe and sides?
i need to cop that AF3. HOW MUCH????? WHERE TO BUY?????? hot as hell!!!!
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Those AF3's are WACKY but I'm liking them. Hope I can find them for a good price.

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only feeling the trainers

Is it better to abide by the rules until they're changed or
help speed the change by breaking them?
i think the forces are the best looking shoes outta the whole pack
it's just me, myself, and I......

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i dont understand how any of those have anything to do with samurais? nike is getting really out of touch like a bi-polar girl ready to jump off a bridge.
Not bad, but I'm still waiting on Nike to do somethin irresistible with the AF3.
Being the pimps that we are.
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