**Nike URL SB Appreciation**

Joined Jun 14, 2001
One of the first SBs, and very underated IMHO.
Alot of people actually hate these, but I beg to differ. 
Top notch materials plus zoom air =

As far as I know, these are almost all of the URLs. 
The only ones missing are the Highs, and the White-Red/Black colorway.
Just wanted to make a quick thread before I break up the URL Family.
Joined Dec 29, 2008
I still remember picking up the "Supa" URL's back in like March 2003

I always had a love for the Angus myself...very nice collection
Joined Jun 25, 2006
I have a couple of ads from skate magazines from 2003...Ill try to scan them.

I wanted the first green colorway to skate in back when they came out but never ended up buying them. The design is bit awkward but I heard they were really durable with the suede and all. I think they beat new sb designs any day.
Joined Feb 27, 2008
I know this is random... but I died when I read OP's screen name.

But yes, URL's are appreciated.
Joined Jun 17, 2006
jealous of some othose

but I prefere eCues.

eCues and URLs are seriousssss
Joined Dec 26, 2009
dope collection, still regretting not ever gettin the osaka/hanshin? ones when they were in the outlets
Joined Jun 14, 2001
I know this is random... but I died when I read OP's screen name.

Randompeople will ask why this is my SN. Truth is, my brother made it back in'01 and I jacked it!  I made an SN then,  but was too lazy to log himoff, and log on with mine.  In the long run, I forgot that SN, and justused this.  On top of that, I barely even like 112. 
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