Nike Zoom Freak 3

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Interesting look. I'll wait to make judgement when I have them in hand.

Strap looks similar to the new KD.
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Giannis’s shoes haven’t had that “must have” colorway yet IMO. Hopefully that happens with the 3
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Line is 0-2 for me so far from a performance perspective. The 1 had zoom in the heel instead of the forefoot and the 2 was the worst dust collector for me. If you're not wiping you're sliding.

We'll see how this goes.

Too bad because I've liked how each looked.
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I'm really liking the clear part on the sides and the overall shape. Not sure yet on the strap....need to see it from the front and medial yet.
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Based on that third pic (mostly black colorway) I wonder if they’re going air strobel similar to the pg 4 and 5?? The “air” logo seems to usually indicate that type of cushioning system. I’m intrigued by this model.

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The Freak 1 and 2 have been my favorite models these past 2 years but these look like a letdown so far
Yeah, I might just call it a day and get another pair or two of the Freak 1's. Those were the first low tops I ever hooped in and I feel like there's no going back to mid's anymore. The 2's looked a tad too bulky and that new pic of the 3's make it appear that they're continuing to trend that way aesthetically.
Joined Jan 13, 2015
How can Nike really think these things well sell more units than Kobes. disgrace.

I guess it just shows our age. all the little kids probably want freaks regardless of what they look like....and they probably dont even know who kobe is.
Joined Jan 13, 2015
also another note, why are all the shoes so bulky now? this shoe, KD, I mean they already had Brons being bulky af.

the only shoes that are low cut and more for guards would be the GTCUT and those colorways have been so underwhelming. whoever is running nikebasketball over there needs a new job.
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