Nike Zoom TR-Anyone wore these yet?

Aug 2, 2005
Im feeling these and was just wondering if any of you guys tried these out. The new joints from the LT quick is deadly campaign.

i tried them on....they are very nice....the full length zoom air and very very light
thanks man

I need a sort of shoe that I can use for running, and doing drills for my quicks and stuff. You think these would be good?
I decided to try something other than basketball shoes for running long distances.
yea these would be good for that. if you were just running then i would say to get the zoom rs, but if you are doing drills and what not then you need something with a more stable upper.

it has zoom in the heel and forefoot and is also nike+ ready, which is cool because its not technically a running shoe. the nike plus spot is the reason why the shoe doesnt have a full length zoom unit like the zoom bb's do.
'hmmmmmmmmm full length cushioning or a spot for the ipod chip?'

'yeah we'll definitely go with the ipod thing.'


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man that ipod stuff is useless anyway.

one thing i gotta know is if its good for squatting. Like some running shoes are unstable. would i be able to squat in these and perform deadlifts?
full length zoom isn't necessary anyways. As long as htere's forefoot zoom and heel zoom, it's usually just as good.
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f3djam, In my opinion, this wouldn't be good for running. There are better shoes for running and drills, especially if you're moving your feet in all directions for ankle support. I tried them on and they fit to size and look good with a pair of jeans, so I think it's a good shoe for that casual look. But they feel like they would come off while running. Not as tight on the feet as I would want them to be.
alright, im not doing heavy running in them. some simple stuff like short sprints, agility drills, and wieght lifting. i like that they look good with jeans though
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