NikeTalk Fantasy Basketball League - Southeast Division Post

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Dec 8, 1999
As some of you know, we're organizing a series of fantasy basketball leagues for our members.

It's an ambitious project. We're creating seven 20 team leagues based on region to serve as divisions in an overall NikeTalk fantasy basketball association.

Entrance is by invitation only, but we're currently accepting applications from our members. Preference will be shown to forum veterans and genuine fantasy basketball fanatics.

We're modeling our divisions after the NBA:



and International.

A different NikeTalk staff member will preside over each division as "commissioner."

This year, I'll be serving as commissioner of the Southeast division, which includes members from both our MD/DC/VA "urea" and the Southeast.

If you'd like to participate, please leave your email address and, if we have an available slot, I'll send you an invitation. Only 20 total slots are available for this division. I'm occupying one and several other members have already applied, but we'll show preference to our forum vets and early applicants.

Make no mistake, though, this is for die hard fantasy hoops fans only. It's a LONG season and fantasy basketball requires constant roster maintenance. You'll need to adjust your starting five almost every night. The league system we're using, Yahoo sports, offers a co-manager feature - so you can have a friend help you if you don't think you'll be able to handle it alone. (Incidentally, I'll be looking for a talented GM to handle day-to-day operations for my squad, the Yinka Dare Experience.) Since spaces are limited, however, please don't sign up unless you intend to see this through to the bitter and, for many of you, humiliating end.

I'll be sending out the first group of invitations tonight to reward our early applicants with a guaranteed spot.

This thread, which will be shared between the MD/DC/VA and Southeast forums, will be the "official" post for our Southeastern Division. So, feel free to use this post to discuss the league all season long.

Good luck!
Meth I'd also like to participate
We're SUPERION to you​
Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV​
Done deal. Check your inbox for your invite and best of luck this season!

We still have slots left. Not everyone who requested an invite as taken advantage of it, so if anyone else is interested please let me know.

Right now I think we'll need to cap the divisions at 15 to ensure equal distribution across leagues, so if you want to GUARANTEE that you'll be competing against NTers in the Southeast be sure to request an invitation ASAP.
Only 4 slots left for those keeping score at home - 3 if jumpmankobe accepts his invite.

DC is definitely not representing. Shame on you. Guys brag about their sports knowledge all year long, but when the check shows up they don't even reach.

Wes Unseld is spinning in his grave right now.
Post your email address. If you hurry, you can still get in our league but if not, I can place you out in the Northwest.

I've got 2 slots left and 2 invites already sent for them, so it's just a footrace at this point. I can guarantee you a place out in the Northwest if you can't get in, though.

Thanks for the interest everyone. The draft will be held this Saturday - get your predraft rankings together!
We are officially FULL.

Goodfellaz: I passed your email along to the other staff members and one of them should send you an invite to another division. Best of luck!
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