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1. There will be direct links to each product. I'll share those in the thread prior to release. It's best not to announce those too far in advance due to the possibility of bots.
2. instyleshoes instyleshoes can speak to this, but I don't think bots were a problem last time around. The product sold quickly, but the store didn't suffer from any instability. This is actually an area where the price increase made a difference, because there's less incentive to resell them.
3. For the sake of minimizing waste, it's best to combine orders - but I understand that nobody wants to lose an order while they're adding items to their cart. I've reached out to instyleshoes instyleshoes to see how best to address this, whether by launching the t-shirts a few minutes before the hats, since they're in higher supply, or if they can just combine shipments for orders placed separately within a 24 hour window.

As mentioned, we charged $75 last time around, too, and the main reason we did that was to discourage resale. When we offered our fitted caps for the MSRP of a 59 Fifty, that's when we had issues with the cap city website crashing and a lot of the hats wound up on eBay. In 2017, that really wasn't an issue. The launch went quickly and very few of them wound up on eBay.

So, what's the better option? A $75 hat you can actually buy directly, of which nearly the full amount goes to charity, or a $35 hat that sells through before you can finish checking out, and then goes straight to eBay to line a reseller's pockets?
I forgot. I remember last time you explained this. I get it. Just breaking your balls. Resellers ruin everything.:smh:
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I'll try for a snapback. Will we ever bring back the NikeTalk t-shirt? My roommate gifted me one a long time ago (like 9 years ago back in college) but it's no where to be found |l

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Got the OG somewhere, but I like this better. I was still on the "sup my hats too big" wave at the time of the OG.

$75 doe




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I forgot. I remember last time you explained this. I get it. Just breaking your balls. Resellers ruin everything.:smh:
With a limit of 1 per, it levels anyone coming in and purchasing multiples. As we're processing orders, we'll do our best to combines cap and shirt orders that get placed separately.

We can't say for sure, but it is highly unlikely bots were used on the previous launch or launches we've done with NT caps / shirts. We'll be posting the links here in this thread shortly ahead of launch, that should also mitigate the potential.

Thanks and please keep any questions or concerns coming so we can try to address them well ahead of time. We've had several pretty smooth launches with NT now, we don't expect this one to be any different.


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I'll try for a snapback. Will we ever bring back the NikeTalk t-shirt? My roommate gifted me one a long time ago (like 9 years ago back in college) but it's no where to be found |l
It's interesting, while we were able to sell out of the NKETLK Alpha tee in 2017, that design didn't have the same velocity as the Designer Roll Call and NT Knows tees - and there weren't many comments about them during the December pop up shop event. So I am a little surprised by all the requests for that design now, but it's certainly something we can consider.

At the end of this sale, we can set up a poll and see what everyone's most interested in seeing next.

We'll also take a look at what sizes are most popular this time around and use that data to inform future releases.

For as many members on here and the level of interest why wouldn't you just make more inventory to start with?

Doing the shirts can't be that expensive.

Idk about hat pricing but $75 is steep even if for charity. Be better off selling 300 hats for $40/per.
The hats are more expensive than the shirts, especially given the tariff situation, and must be ordered much further in advance, but the t-shirts are more costly than you might think, because we wanted to produce something that was high quality, ethically produced, and environmentally conscious.

The shirts are made in the USA from 100% certified organic cotton. Each one was screen printed by hand using non-toxic, water based ink. We wanted to avoid using plastic packaging, so that involved purchasing recycled paper packaging and water activated paper tape. Even the shipping labels we ordered are compostable. Domestic shipping from is free, so that also has to be built into the product cost - as does the ~3% payment processing fee.

All told, I believe $35 is a fair price for these shirts - especially since we need to build in a sufficient margin so that we're able to raise money for charity.

Neither nor will profit from these sales. The hats had to be ordered months in advance and were paid for out of pocket.

As for selling 300 hats for $40 each, we actually put that theory to the test. In 2014, we produced 288 of fitted hats and sold them for $40.

People were reselling them for over $80. Meanwhile, we suffered over 20 cases of chargeback fraud. After accounting for the stolen products and shipping costs, the sale netted just $3,011.58 for the Equal Justice Initiative - but we donated $10,000 of advertising revenue and donated an additional $10,000 to make up for the disappointment.

Fast forward to 2017. We made a total of 75 hats (some of which went to staff) and sold them for $75. 8 were auctioned off on eBay. We made more money from those sales than we did from the sale of 288 fitted hats at $40 after accounting for all the fraud. Including the eBay charity auctions, we raised over $5,000 from the 2017 hat sales, and an additional $5,000 in t-shirt sales. It was far and away our best apparel fundraiser to date.

When we charged less, the product was more attractive to both resellers and thieves. Plus, the more items you sell, the more labor is required to package and ship them.
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In for a shirt, or two, three

Not sure about a hat, since I don't wear snapbacks. I literally haven't had one since I was a little kid in the 80's. I might make an exception for a good cause.


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Not copping, if it was M&N SnapBack would tru my luck

Best of luck to those who actually want it to wear!
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$75 for a snap? Geez. I get it discouraging sell but lowkey this it like this is resale. Plus you could still resale if that is the case. If it was a way for the consumer to donate to a charity of their desire or at least if we were gonna donate to a cause we all couldve voted on one.
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