NIKETALK SCHOOL ME... what Jordan has the biggest VISIBLE air unit?

Joined Jan 7, 2009
Me and a co--worker where talking about this and we couldnt decide a jordan with the largest visible air unit(not zoom)  do anyu of you have any info //pics?
Joined Apr 3, 2002
XVI?'s I definitely think that their air is most visible, don't know if it's largest by volume.

The XVII's are kind of visible.
Joined Jul 21, 2006
True the XVI had the air visible through the whole bottom. Jordans never really had a huge Air Max bubble. Thank God.
Joined Jul 3, 2005
Well technically the XVI's and XVII's don't use visible Air, but Blow Molded air. If you're referring to actual visible air, I think the VI's probably have the biggest windows
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