Niketalk the board of "hella haters"...

Oct 4, 2007
In like every thread there is always somebody hating. Why is that? Are you some of ya'll dudes bred to just hate on someone?

For example,in the sports forum, when Lebron won the game last night, some people automatically said "it was lucky." $*#? I understand you may notlike a certain player etc. but at least have some respect.
Don't whine, just keep it moving. word to ...

Originally Posted by de PHX Jose

We're just playin, foo'. by 1100 posts i would've thought you figured it out

yeah man, there's no venom in any of the jokes....i think?
If there were no haters...would threads go past 2 pages?

I mean I got hated on for just being on tv. I didn't even tell no one.
You have 2 take it all in stride.

Some people just be joking.
Some people just have hate in their heart.

But NT is a family. I just treat them like cousins I don't really like
Haters don't bother me that much. It's the whiny 12 year olds that stoneface everyone and act all hard.
Originally Posted by DAYTONA 5000

Damn hop off Lebron's sack doggie

It was just an example. How am I on his sack? F outta here. I'm going for Denver anyway.
Originally Posted by QueenCitySneakerQueen

at that example and most of the time it's a joke
:smh:at you. It ain't even all the serious. I'm just pointing at a trend I'm seeing on here.

A lot of yall are b&(* made.
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