Niketalk's Membership Application Guide

Dec 8, 1999
This post gives you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply for a membership to Niketalk. Ill assume that youre using Internet Explorer as your browser although with other browsers, the guide should help, too. Before we start though, note that in case of login problems you might want to check ezboards FAQs, which not only cover login questions but also a lot of other technical aspects.

First off, go to the main page of ezboard. There youll have to click on Register your FREE account.


Youll be taken to the registration page for a Take especially care with the username: Niketalk has certain rules and the username should not violate them, as well as good taste or common sense. Also, since its a global user account, this information will also be valid for other ezboard message board you might want to visit.

After having filled out the application youll receive a confirmation e-mail from ezboard. In order for your global account to work, youll have to validate it the instructions for that are in the confirmation e-mail from ezboard. After that, you have a global user account at ezboard.

**Now visit Niketalk through the direct link (, (you should also bookmark Niketalk through the direct link rather than through since some login problems could occur, as well as pop-ups). There, click on Login and then enter the desired information.**


After that, youll be taken to your control center this is where you can view and edit your profile (information that other people see about you) and your account preferences. Note the My Inbox field. This is the so-called ez-inbox, where you can send messages directly to other users as well as receive messages. The default is that the inbox is enabled, and make sure you dont disable it as the staff of Niketalk usually contacts a member directly through this option in case of a rule violation (other than that, the ez-inbox is also useful for other purposes!). In the Quick Jump field, enter as WebID niketalk (without quotation marks) and click on the field jump youll be now taken to Niketalk again, being logged in (you will see your username in on the top right).



Now you enter a forum (e.g. Nike) and click on the new topic button. Be sure you're entering one of our public forums - don't try to post in the Archives, News/Updates, or the FAQ forum, as only NikeTalk staff members are able to post in these sections. Try posting in Nike, Jordan Brand, Nike Retro, General, etc.


Now eventually, youre on Niketalks membership approval page Niketalk uses the membership by approval system, which gives two specific advantages: First, it allows us to ban members from the board who dont behave according to our Rules of Conduct. This is for the benefit of the entire community.

Second, it allows the upcoming members to get accustomed to Niketalk and its culture before participating actively, since memberships are usually given out during the first week of each month. That way, a new member can get used to how Niketalk works and what the rules are. More importantly, the user gets to know the desired behaviour on the board, which is to great extent explicitly laid out by our Rules of Conduct (the rest should be common sense): Helping out people in a friendly manner, sharing information, posting in the correct forums, not cross-posting, not posting just for the sake of it, appropriate signature length, appropriate picture size, no pictures in signatures

On the application page, read the message from the administrator carefully and then click on the Apply for Membership-button. If you do not see this button on that page you're likely to have problems either with JavaScript of Java - make sure both are enabled in your browser's preferences.


After that, youll be notified that Niketalks staff has received your application and that youll be notified about whether your application has been successful or not. Most applications turn out positive there is no additional information other than your username we need about you for a membership. As already stated above, the only possibilities that your application gets denied is when the username violates our Rules of Conduct or simply good taste, or when your username indicates that youre a previously banned member of our community (in which case youre not likely to read this instruction anyway). Again, be aware that applications are only given out during so that you might have to wait up to four weeks in order to receive your notification.

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