Niketown Las Vegas: Jordan V Release

May 31, 2004

I've got a question for vegas locals that go to NT Vegas, how was it when the Mars IVs released? Was there any camping needed or could you get your pair when the store opened.

I imagine that the Jordan V release this weekend will be similar to the Mars IV, I will be in town for that weekend and need to find a way to secure a pair. I also called NT and they said they will be passing out wrist bands around 10pm. NT will prolly get a couple FSRs... But I just want to be safe, hopefully it isn't as bad as it is here in Socal.

thanks in advance..

they will most likely have like 120+ pairs but if i were you i would go to meadows mall to get them. because niketown is the main place where most people go and 5 stores at meadows should have them.
My brother and I got wristbands and got our pairs.... really easy..

If you are in the area and you didn't get your size, head out there.. they started off with over 300+ pair of fire reds and a bunch of burgundys...

overall great experience in vegas...
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