Nintendo DS Lite repair

Joined Aug 2, 2006
i just bought a nintendo ds lite for my son and he broke it already. please look at the pics below and see if i can even repair it. is it toast or can i bring it back? are there any repair place in sf that can fix it? if there are any other places like on line sites, lmk so i can check them out. thanks.

Joined Jul 31, 2004
hmm i remember when i had my gameboy color, stopped working for some reason. had my dad send it back to nintendo to fix it, and came back working, forgot how much he paid though.

1-800-255-3700 was the number for nintendo
sarcasm is hard to tell online

lookin for AM90 infareds 10-11
Joined Apr 5, 2007
back then the # use too be on the back, of the gameboys

Team PICS?
where the PICS?
yea shes a MILF​
Joined Aug 2, 2006
^yo i didnt even check the back, and sure enough there is a number! lol, thanks guys!
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