No More Towels, Tables, and 40 Mile Drives, Just Football - Houston Texans Thread 2022

Jun 1, 2011
In an interview awhile back, Nick Caserio said digging the Texans out of the previous regime's mistakes would be a "massive undertaking", which is basically the same thing I felt. We all know the specter that was hanging over this franchise -- a coach that was more interested in treating the team like his own personal playground, a QB that was driving to Manvel and Cypress to get his rectal cavity examined, various other coaches that simply shouldn't have been brought in in the first place, and multiple players under terrible contracts. They're all but done getting out of a lot of that, and you can kinda see a clear picture. That's what happens when you have a serious GM instead of a guy that got handed the keys to the franchise just because. Unlike a portion of this fanbase that hitched their ride to that guy in Cleveland and call into radio stations all loud and embarrassing themselves, I actually have some optimism for this team. After a season like last year, there's no other way than to go up from here. There's some obvious question marks, but I just don't see this team being "expansion-level bad" like I've seen and heard from media outlets. Just don't think it's possible, they've made clear upgrades in several spots, and I think this draft-class could potentially be as impactful as the 2006 one (something I mentioned before I even clicked on one of the videos here lol). You have real building blocks and not just retreads forced into significant positions. The offense obviously still has questions, but I think the defense will immediately be ahead to start the season. There's so many new guys here that I have to continuously look at the roster to remember numbers, but I'm digging the feel of freshness that's coming.

What happen with Marlon Mack? Dude couldn't beat out Rex Burkhead for the RB2 spot?
What happen with Marlon Mack? Dude couldn't beat out Rex Burkhead for the RB2 spot?
Nah, he just didn’t look better than Dare nor Freeman during preseason. Was really hoping he’d get the chance to be a tandem with Pierce
This team has some potential but cot damn given up that lead and then ending in a tie is :rofl:

Def was an entertaining game. I had to hit a kids bday party and walked out the hosue as soon as the Colts tied it up. Def thought Texans had this one in the bag but props to Matt Ryan and Taylor for walkin em down. Got the notification on my phone at the bday party it ended in a tie and just laughed. lol oh well on to Week 2 vs Denver..
Hope the Texans are running the Broncos game back. They can’t be BS’ing around with Wilson and that defense, especially in Denver.

No Justin Britt tomorrow, and based on how bad he played in the opener (was the worst lineman on the field), it should be addition by subtraction. Big test for Scott Quessenberry on the road in Denver
Poor offense ruined another good defensive game. Stingley had some tough battling, but the defense still played well enough for the offense to put the game away. They should realistically be 2-0 right now with simply above average offense. They don’t have to be outstanding at all on that side of the ball.
2-0 Definitely is a possibility. Both of these games were winnable. Bears next week, I would love to beat my home team to grab that first W.

They better not let Fields suddenly look like peak Vick. The run defense has to be better even though the defense overall is the main reason they’re in these games.
Annoying game here as the Texans missed a chance to score before that INT, then on 3rd and 1, instead of giving it to Pierce, you have Burkhead on the field and still don’t even run the ball.
That was a BAD way to lose and anybody who was firmly behind Mills should be jumping off the band wagon right now. Terrible awareness there but also an indictment on the decision makers that kept Burkhead in the game. Even with the massive amount of yards the defense gave up, they were still put in position to win.
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