No More Towels, Tables, and 40 Mile Drives, Just Football - Houston Texans Thread 2022

Some of that play calling made me feel like they want another top pick. Pierce broke off a 75 yard run for a TD, then on 4th & 1 you have Rex Burkhead on the field and every single person in the stadium knew what the play was. That’s disgraceful.

Was out of town visiting family so wasnt able to tune into the game but saw the outcome and some clips. Welp on to next sunday vs the Jags. Gonna read up on the matchup
Man the Jaguars stink lmao. Shutout the Colts and had a lead on the Eagles but got locked the hell up by the Texans. Shout out to Pierce, Pitre, King, and Stingley. Those dudes really came to play.
This was some of the worst run defense I’ve ever seen lmaooo. They hardly get any pressure at all and Stingley/Owens/Pitre/Nelson have to run around for like 12 seconds on passing plays. Wallow, Harris, and Booker should be on the field more, and less of Kirksey. Grugier-Hill is clearly still not fully healthy, so you have two out of place LBs on the field. The d line needs to be shuffled around as well. But…….if the offense doesn’t stall out on the regular, none of that would even matter.
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