No Television in the Bedroom Vol. YAY or NAY?

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I just gave my TV for my parents, now i have no TV, but i really don't feel like buying one, i could use some better sleep...
anyone else doesn't have a tv in their bedroom? also any good site to watch shows and games?

all i got bookmarked is southparkstudios 
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You can cop an off brand 32 inch 1080p flat screen for under 3, even like the Sony Bravia is only 328$ at Sears

And to get really really good deals, check Craigslist. People damn near giving away CRT tvs
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Originally Posted by axel f0ley

tv + dvr = couch potato 4 life
Yeah if you don't have any ambitions.
You don't need a television in your room if you live on your own and have one in the living room, but if you're living with your family or friends even, you're going to want a television for yourself.
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i could say yay and nay at the same time.its yay if u have a nice room and just tryina chill back ona sunday morning or late nite tip and play some games. but nay if u got a wack tv and computer.myself i got a 52 inch in my livingroom and a 60 in my room. a ps3 in both(althought i barely games) and a comp hoooked up to each, if u tryina get sleep, its bad thought.:shrug:
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Nay, especially if want to relax in your room at night watching a movie with a girl
or play (video) games with
, but if you got a computer with a connection that will tied you over for awhile.
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man, how are yall gonna be young adults on the internet and not know where to watch tv shows and movies for free?

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NAY!!! spend time going have plenty of time to sit and watch tv when you get married and are stuck at home watching the kids!!!

live life to the fullest OUTSIDE
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Got a tv in my room I guess Im just used to falling asleep with the TV on. It helps my mind relax.
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having a tv in my room def. helps me fall asleep, but also watching useless tv keeps me up at nights too. its a hit or miss.
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Nay; the only situation I'd recommend having one in your room is if you shared your place with somebody else. 
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don't have a TV in your room

you can't get any work done. and they'll always be noise, you'll be tempted to leave it on to the most useless shows

i dont have a TV nor a computer in my room. only a cellphone with a data plan
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