*Noobs VS OG's*

Joined May 5, 2009
You know what it is...

These fake @@@ OG's ain't even OG's. They be online 24/8 and get 12,000 post in one year , the minute a new cat .........or who they think is anoob jumps on they be quick to try and down anyone with less than 100 post. lol

A noob makes a thread/post and these clowns be quick to try to post a "Fail" pic or say some smart !*# .

Why are yall so salty?

Does it make you feel better?

!*# a flame suit ...... let me/us know
Joined Feb 2, 2003
tell em why you mad son!

nah i feel you though.... i came here in 03 and i aint even a OG
Joined May 5, 2009
Originally Posted by Its That Dude

truth...most people here weren't even on ezboard.

Really though.

They are all followers. If I had 29k post, the next one under would be on my $!% !!!! They would agree with anything I said. lol
Joined Feb 22, 2008
these threads always bring NT'ers from '01 out the wood work.

anyways they say NT isnt what it was in '01 or '02. less childish topics, less on NT and such
Joined Jun 5, 2004
Lurked on NT from mid 02-04 then I was a member, times were much better, that other site that won't be mentioned and the EPIC AIM chats, it didn't hurtthat the shoes back then were better as well.
Joined May 5, 2009
To all the sonfaces.... you think you are the only ones that knows how to use those. My point exactly. Like you haven't had oneor two Sn's bannedbefore. ????

Kick all that NT lingo to a *%* before you judge

I'm drunki. *%* it
Joined Jul 1, 2008
I don't consider anyone a "noob" [nor would I ever think to call anybody a noob at anything], everything is everything, and people are people.Some are older than me, some are younger. Some are smarter, some aren't. Some have it easy, some struggle......but a person is a person. You get the idea.

I love all of you, even if I don't really like you.


Joined Apr 30, 2009
Originally Posted by AllDay AllNight

If you weren't sitting at the computer next to Method Man working on the code for NP back in '99, you're not OG
NikePark never existed... quit fakin the funk son.
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