Norcal's GRUB Thread

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had super duper burger for the first time last was ok idk the fries werent that good though i had the garlic ones. and my burger was good well done so maybe that was my issue. i also had umami burger recently and i enjoyed it
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I've been 2 times to super duper burger in SF...

I love it.

I dont very often eat like this any more :rolleyes

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Anyone tried that Mexican restaurant off 12th Ave and Franklin Blvd in South Sacramento? It looks a little ghetto, but the food was pretty good. And it was cheap.
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Radish on mission district had a bomb as a burger and natural cut fries :smokin
Is ikes any good? and super burger?
Ikes is good. Kinda over it though it was better 3 or 4 years ago I think. I need to try Super Duper Burger.

The sandwich spot :smokin forgot how good it was
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Today was a good day Alameda county fair Turkey Leg X Grilled cheese sandwich with mac &c heese and pulled pork inside.
Then over to SF Hit up Tanguito & Empanadas Then Humphry Slocombe for dessert. BEST ICE CREAM I'VE EVER HAD :smokin

Now I'm hungry again :smh:
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Cream or C.R.E.A.M or cookies rule everything around me is a dessert spot on Berkely. I don't know if they have other spots in the Bay but their specialty is a big scoop of ice cream inbetween 2 cookies. It's a legit ice cream sandwich instead of the normal ones in the freezer aisle. Flavours and cookies are in variety. Look at Blues pics above

They have long lines since its popular but when something is popular it always can be considered overrated/overhyped. I've never been so I can't opinionate
I went to the one near Stanford a couple days ago.

Double choco chip + green tea :pimp:

To me the ice cream they use isn't like overly sweet, so it's perfect with the cookies.

Real good.

If anyone wants some good Taiwanese food in the South Bay, peep Mama Chef's.

Someone recommend a good bbq joint down here? I heard someone talking about a spot near/on Capitol?
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Wassup Everyone,

I know it's been a while but just trying to stay positive and work my *** off. So I have some exciting news for those who were interested the last time I suggested it as such....


Exclusively for a few NT'ers on my Food Tour Project (production it is in testing mode and therefore I need some trial run folks to give me better feedback as to adjusting the route and such, etc.) for my website. I'll be sharing all of the details with the winners!

So how do you enter?

People eligible for now, are only those residents within the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're willing to make the trip from elsewhere (LA or Sacramento) depending on your willingness to participate, I may make an exception...

PM me your first and last name, NT user name, age and email. (For this contest, I'll have this be 18+ however, if I pick you as the winner, you will need to present I.D. verify that since its a legal matter for my website especially when I do 21+ focused food tours in the future). I will not keep this info in the future, I will not spam or do anything illegal. This just to maintain legal aspects.

There will be some surprise prizes for those willing to participate in this. You will not only get a lot of insight about food and drink within the bay area but if you ever need a connection in the industry, well that can also be a plus.

The contest will end midnight (the morning of Friday. July 5th not July 4th or July 6th)!

Thanks and good luck to everyone willing to participate, peace!
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If anyone likes italian food, theres this place over in santa clara? Its called gugu's. Homemade type food and the owner is super nice. Makes sure that you are satisfied with your food.
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headed to the Bay in september, haven't been back home in a while. any new locations of some good grub ? every time i go im always busy with family and never have a chance to venture out. Ill be staying in the South San Francisco / SF area. thanks
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^^Umami Burger is good, definitely recommended. ive been to the one in SF. cant imagine the one in Oak would be any different

get all the sauces for the fries
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Some of my fave spots to eat at in SF. Sorry for the pic spam :tongue:

Tacos from El Tonayense Taco Truck @ Harrison and 14th/17th/19th street

Combo from Golden Boy's Pizza in North Beach

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Plate from Red A Bakery in the Richmond

Bulgogi, Kimchi Fried Rice, Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken, and Bibambap from Manna in the Sunset

Spicy Tuna Roll, Sashimi Combo, Himachi Kama, Unagi and Scallop Nigiri from Tekka in the Richmond

Dry Fried Chicken, Black Bean Sauce Noodles, and Potstickers from San Tung in the Sunset
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^ very nice

A good night turns into a great night when it ends with Bob's donuts :smokin
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Anybody had Umami Burger? They just opened one in downtown Oakland.
went to the one in palo alto
eh its ok
took the fam
for 2 kids meals me and my girl a burger and fries for each and soda came out to $75
food was cool i thought the burger was small at first(got the BUB) but i was pretty full afterwards
wouldnt go there on the regular but its a cool spot
plan to try the one in downtown oakland soon though. but i still need to try that 3000 broadway seafood spot
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Anyone tried that Mexican restaurant off 12th Ave and Franklin Blvd in South Sacramento? It looks a little ghetto, but the food was pretty good. And it was cheap.
Carolina's? Yes. One of my favorite Mexican spots in Sacramento. California Burrito w/ egg is a MUST.
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