Not a post to hype up, just for info (MF Doom SB's)

Aug 13, 2000
i figured i'd give us PNW heads a little shortcut from having to do a chk up in the retro forum. mods, if this is against the rules, then lock it.

anyway, i wanted to start this post for those of us looking for the doom's. a post to let all info out only for us pnw people. i would think this would be a big help. so far i saw a post about goods on the 24th dropping. not my info but that goes to the person that posted it in the retro forum.

if this is a bad idea then just let it drop down to oblivion. later.

if nobody got the email, Goods will have them for sale on tuesday. limited quantities. i'll see you guys there
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boppers are killing it.

there's already 8 people and 15 CHAIRS
Wow you serious?

This would've been my first/only purchase of new SBs...
I bet half of those cats don't even know about Doom...

Hopefully I can still cop a pair though.
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Heard Goods got 19 and have 19+ standing in line. I stopped by Trickwood real quick this morning and they got 6 and also 6 people standing in line. Some of them waited overnight.

If my connect comes through on them, great. If not, I'm over it already...
Sexy shoes, but the hype kills it. I dont want to run around town trying to find a sz 6 too, impossible
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