NT what are some good Jobs?

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Im talking  good jobs that pay pretty well, has health benefits, etc etc. that a college student can apply for?
Im a webdesign major if it matters, but I really want to apply for a pretty good job that can work hours around my class schedule and has a few benefits.

Any ideas NT?
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Originally Posted by southzeztpdot

There is a web design major?
Yeah. You learn the elements of design, coding, a little bit of information architecture and some other things. Im in my 3rd year.

I go to the Art Institute of Washington
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Being a bank teller is pretty legit for when you're in school. Some of my friends do that. I guess it works best if most of your classes are later in the day, though. Also if you have a CarMax around you, I'd suggest that if you're into selling. The pay is ridiculously good for part-time. Although it is commission, my boy has $1000 - $1500 checks from 40 hours of work over two weeks.
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Honestly? Anyone that will hire you. The problem with good jobs with bennies is that you're competing with people with years of experience who do not need a flexible schedule. As you're a college student you might want to look for on campus positions, they will usually work around your schedule, or it's that time of year for part time seasonal jobs. These generally do not have benefits.
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