NTers in Connecticut

i am also, in stamford. I know a couple other people on here from the area.
C Sneakers are our Weapons of Attack T
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Whats up guys. I just graduated from UConn in May 07. I'm still up there all the time though. Right now I'm in New London though.
Anybody here from Greenwich?
Wonderful Spot, I have quite the group of friends down there.
use to live out in greenwich but moved out to bridgeport/ansonia...still chill out in greenwich/stamford when I'm not workin in fairfield tho...we shouldget a CT summit
I'm most like;y going to University of Hartford next year, can anybody share anything about it? Whats the sneaker/fashion community like too in hartford
^^^hartford is ehh..the people around new haven/hartford/ansonia can careless about sneakers I remember goin to school and seein tons of fakes
I washonestly 1 of the few with an exception of a few girls wearin legit kicks... I think I remember seein some dude wearin a pair of fake dubs they were X'sand some other pair mixed had me
bridgeport on the other hand you'll see j's everywhere..jus hit up the trumbull mall and you'll see...
Im from Mass. but go to school at university of new haven. i dont really see many ppl into kicks down here. any good stores to check out around the area?
New Haven needs a botique and would have one if it was easier to get a good nike account. You got the usual blah spots Jimmeys Expressions Eblens
there's no sneakers spots out here..I usually jus hit up Eblens...usually I'm the only dude out in my area (ansonia) buyin J's or anythingclean...everyone out here wears plain air forces or fake kicks...only spot I know good is in Stamford...Sport Scape is

^^^how's the U. Of New Haven? I live probley 10-15 mins away I thought about goin to the campus jus to party hop
but as for lookin for sneakers spotsout there...its not gon happen... jus head out to bridgeport and hit up a jimmys or the milford mall by orange or even the Eblens in Ansonia/Derby
Im from Branford/Waterbury area....not many goos spots in CT. I go to school in Springfield and finally found a dope spot....
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