NTers in Connecticut

just a heads up i found out too late.. but if your looking for the Adidas Yeezi.s Eblens in Bridgeport does raffle for them... they released the last two colorways I found out a bit too late... Jimmy's in Bridgeport gets some decent stuff as well sometimes they had the Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1s and they also do raffles... iDK how legit theyre raffles are but its worth checking it out IMO
Hey guys I will be traveling to CT on Thursday any stores you know of doing raffles on Thursday or Friday for the Jordan bred 1's, will appreciate a response
I just discovered New England Brewing Co. last month, it's officially my new favorite beer.  It's nice to be able to buy it fresh right from the brewery in Woodbridge, too... Any of you guys ever go?
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