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  1. h3at23


    Mar 26, 2009

    Date Time vs

    W 26 @Orlando 7:30 PM ET
    L 28 Vs Charlotte 8:00 PM ET
    L 30 Vs San Antonio 6:00 PM ET

    W 1 Vs Sacramento 7:30 PM ET
    L 4 @ Toronto 7:30 PM ET
    L 7 @ Oklahoma City 8:00 PM ET
    L 10 Vs Chicago 8:00 PM ET TNT
    L 12 Vs Utah 8:00 PM ET
    L 14 @ San Antonio 8:30 PM ET
    L 15 Vs Atlanta 7:30 PM ET
    W 17 Vs Milwaukee 7:30 PM ET
    W 19 Vs Washington 7:00 PM ET
    21 @ Philadelphia 7:00 PM ET
    23 @ Detroit 7:30 PM ET
    25 @ Memphis 8:00 PM ET
    26 Vs Memphis 8:00 PM ET
    28 Vs Boston 7:30 PM ET NBATV
    30 @ Denver 9:00 PM ET

    1 @ Utah 9:00 PM ET
    3 @ Portland 10:00 PM ET
    6 Vs New York 7:30 PM ET
    7 @ Atlanta 7:30 PM ET
    9 @ Cleveland 7:30 PM ET
    10 @ Chicago 8:00 PM ET NBATV
    12 Vs Washington 7:30 PM ET NBATV
    14 Vs Indiana 7:00 PM ET ESPN
    16 Vs L.A. Clippers 8:00 PM ET
    18 Vs Boston 6:00 PM ET
    20 Vs Orlando 7:30 PM ET
    22 Vs L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM ET
    23 @ New Orleans 8:00 PM ET
    27 Vs Oklahoma City 7:30 PM ET NBATV
    29 @ Charlotte 7:00 PM ET
    30 @ Boston 7:30 PM ET

    1 Detroit 6:00 PM ET
    3 @ Phoenix 9:00 PM ET
    4 @ Sacramento 10:30 PM ET
    6 @ L.A. Lakers 10:30 PM ET
    8 @ L.A. Clippers 3:30 PM ET
    10 @ Golden State 10:30 PM ET NBATV
    13 @ Milwaukee 8:00 PM ET
    17 Vs Houston 7:30 PM ET NBATV
    19 Vs Dallas 7:30 PM ET
    21 Vs Milwaukee 7:30 PM ET
    23 Vs Golden State 7:30 PM ET
    25 @ Brooklyn 7:30 PM ET
    27 @ Chicago 8:00 PM ET
    28 Vs Detroit 7:30 PM ET
    30 Vs Brooklyn 7:30 PM ET

    1 Vs Atlanta 7:30 PM ET
    4 Vs Philadelphia 7:30 PM ET
    6 @ Minnesota 8:00 PM ET
    8 @ Milwaukee 8:00 PM ET
    10 @ Brooklyn 7:30 PM ET
    11 @ Philadelphia 7:30 PM ET
    13 Vs Orlando 7:30 PM ET
    15 @ Houston 8:00 PM ET
    24 @ Atlanta 8:00 PM ET
    25 Vs Indiana 8:00 PM ET
    27 @ Dallas 9:30 PM ET TNT

    1 Vs Philadelphia 7:30 PM ET
    3 @ Orlando 7:00 PM ET ESPN
    4 Vs Cleveland 8:00 PM ET
    6 @ Cleveland 7:00 PM ET
    8 Vs Charlotte 7:30 PM ET
    11 Vs Toronto 8:00 PM ET
    12 @ Indiana 6:00 PM ET NBATV
    15 New Orleans 7:30 PM ET
    17 Vs Minnesota 8:00 PM ET
    19 Vs Portland 6:00 PM ET
    21 Vs Phoenix 7:30 PM ET
    23 Toronto 7:30 PM ET
    26 @ Boston 6:00 PM ET
    28 @ Detroit 7:30 PM ET
    29 @ New York 7:30 PM ET
    31 Vs New York 8:00 PM ET

    2 Vs Denver 6:00 PM ET NBATV
    5 @ Charlotte 7:00 PM ET
    7@ Toronto 7:30 PM ET
    8 @ Washington 7:00 PM ET
    10 Vs Cleveland 7:30 PM ET
    12 Vs Washington 8:00 PM ET
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  2. roboski


    Sep 3, 2009
    I'm not going to state the obvious with how I feel about our head coach but I am proud of this team and love the heat regardless. I spend half the year in NYC and the other half in south Florida for work. But when I drive around NYC I proudly sport my Miami Heat tags on my car. Through and through I'm not disappointed in this team at all and in their effort in today's game. It just wasn't meant to be.

    Barring injury this team would've made Bron Bron's team sweat. The only thing I can hope for this offseason is:

    1) resign Whiteside
    2) pray for Chris Bosh's health. He's a huge difference maker in our success.
    3) go all out for Durant!!! A lot of sports riders think we have a good chance in landing him. We got to make that happen!
    4) if our efforts for Durant fail, you know we need the next best thing and that's Paul George! He's 25, top ten player in the league, and he has huuuuge upside.
    5) Winslow ~ work work work work on that jump shot and your overall offensive game.
    6) trade McRoberts for a younger more athletic true PF.
    7) I think Wade resigns but if he's asking for $20+ million again, play hard ball and play your options.
    8). last but not least FIRE SPOLSTRA 8o
  3. tekthemaestro


    Feb 22, 2013
    1) correct, but not for max.

    2) correct. his situation has too many outside influencing factors to make a quick decision with tho

    3) durant isnt the answer. for the money it costs to get him, we could grab some TRUE backup bigmen which clearly we need. durant and wade would clash on the same team. both require the ball in their hands, so the benefit would be nulled. the only benefit durant would bring over wade is 3pt shooting. and both would eat into each others minutes and touches. pointless.

    4) pg never said he wanted to leave did he? and if we're going for players whos contracts are up but didnt say they wanted to leave, id throw all eggs in cp3's basket. him as the lead pg followed by dragic? LORD

    5) nailed it. his offense is atrocious. the lack of confidence in himself is very apparent.

    6) nobody wants mcroberts, we wont be able to trade him. dude is flat out trash. TRASHHHHHHHHHH. cut him.

    7) resigning wade is non-negotiable. give him whatever he wants (just not max)

    8) fire spoelstra 2 years ago. (but but.... we had injuries and still made it to game 7) awesome. then lets keep him around so we can get a few more moral victories until wade retires... THEN fire him. right?
  4. oldirtyreseller


    Jul 28, 2013
    Successful season IMO


    Should be an eventful offseason too
  5. tekthemaestro


    Feb 22, 2013
    u think so? what do u expect to happen in offseason? we need bigs. we need dragic to be more consistent and play like he did these past couple of games. wade already said hes going to work on his 3 this summer (*cough* sounds familiar)

    edit: we need to develop plays for whiteside.....well...plays in general. the drive and kick is done for. we need something else.
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  6. oldirtyreseller


    Jul 28, 2013
    I think so, with the injuries and all. We're in a tough spot, I don't think we can bring back this same team and waste another possibly productive Wade season but we don't have any assets. Probably going to have to contemplate trading some key guys. 
  7. tyonenine


    Jan 31, 2012
    Cp3 and PG are both under contract next year. My views on the offseason:
    • I think KD should be priority #1 although I don't think there's much chance of that happening.
    • I'd like to see the heat get younger. Gerald Green, Mcbob(trade), Dorrell, Amare definitely gotta go. Maybe Haslem too.
    • Keep Deng and JJ if they're willing to play for the low. Definitely keep Tyler.
    • Goran can be moved if the right offer is there. 
    • I really don't know what they should do with Whiteside. While I think he's a great player, if they're not gonna respect him and give him more touches, they shouldn't give him a max. It was ridiculous how much they ignored him. Maybe we can get him on a bit of a discount because there's no state tax.
    • If a superstar cannot be had, I don't think we should be big spenders this offseason. Next year's class is better at the top.
    At the end of the day, I feel like you need a superstar or a good system to win. I don't think we have either. I didn't think this team was championship-caliber if Bosh was healthy because I just don't have faith in spo's offense. The big 3 were able to mask that for him when the heat were winning. Wade and Joe are 34 man. They gotta realize that you can't just throw them the ball and expect them to make magic all of the time. Same applies to Bosh and Goran. Justise has to develop an offensive game, period.

    Next year, I hope they put more emphasis on winning games in the regular season. Home court matters.
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  8. miamin2


    Oct 23, 2004
    Can't wait to see what happens this offseason. Really hope we keep Whiteside, see if anything develops with Bosh, and get Wade back locked up. Hopefully that doesn't drag out like last summer. And I can't wait to see the two rookies back next year with a full summer of work. I can imagine they'll have Winslow focus on that shot
  9. imlive365


    Mar 2, 2013
    Resign Whiteside, hopefully bosh can come back. Winslow needs to be working on his offensive game all off season. If he can add a jumper he's gonna be a problem. Harlem might retire. Keep deng and Joe like he said but only if they'd stay for low.

    We'd be right back where we were this year next year but healthy we'd easily finish the job. With a healthy team I Ike our chances against lebron. He'll be another year older and we have someone who could play defense on him in Winslow who'd be another year more experienced.
  10. richdale718


    Feb 7, 2016
    If Winslow can just add a 3 consistent pt shot this summer, it's a significant upgrade to the offense.
  11. imlive365


    Mar 2, 2013
    I want more then just a 3 from him tho. I want his game to develop. PG came into the league the same way could play Defense but wasn't a scorer. I feel Winslow could make that same jump within these next few years. Adding a 3 for next year would be great. But in the long hall I want him to have more.
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  12. tpfltxl


    Nov 15, 2007
    What a season

    Resign Wade and Whiteside 

    In Riley we trust [​IMG]
  13. tekthemaestro


    Feb 22, 2013
    LeBron will be another year older but so will wade. Wade said he's going to work on his 3. Yall already seen my rants on our team practicing the 3 all summer.obviously wade agrees
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  14. mr2cool80


    Dec 28, 2009
    ...the morning after .... :(

    Good morning Heat Family!
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  15. tr1ll


    Oct 9, 2002
    Retire in peace Chris Bosh.


    Thanks for everything!
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  16. rolaholic


    Mar 17, 2010
    Wait up,its official?!?!

    Honestly I'd rather him retire and be able to live a reltively healthy life with his fam than trying to risk it out on the court only to possibly negatively impact his health long term.

    Whatever his decision is,I can't help but respect it. He's earned that right
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  17. trey ohh five

    trey ohh five

    Sep 5, 2009
    Fire Spo?


    His adjustments were the reason we:
    1. Bounced back after a mediocre first half of the season and clinched the 3-seed.
    2. Made it past Charlotte in the 1st round.
    3. Took Toronto to a game 7 after losing Whiteside.
  18. trey ohh five

    trey ohh five

    Sep 5, 2009

    I don't know why he's posting that everywhere. Made the same post in TAN as well
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  19. art vandelay

    art vandelay

    May 5, 2013
    So being that half of the team will be free agents this July, who would y'all rather have come back?
  20. trey ohh five

    trey ohh five

    Sep 5, 2009
    Doesn't matter how, but bring back Whiteside and Wade. Build the rest of the team around Wade, Whiteside, and Dragic.