Official Countdown to Lil Wayne Return Thread

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According to Scoob Doo's (Wayne's Video-autobiographer) twitter, dude recorded another 4 videos...bringing the count to near 21 I believe...

How do you think this next few months will go? I know it'll be a little weird hearing new stuff knowing hes locked up...

Note: I'm a Wayne fan because of his impact on popular music, his success, and the sheer level of entertainment that he brings to the table. If you can't appreciate that, then please post elsewhere.
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How many Months he gonna do, he won't do the whole 12 will he?

You could see he was real emotional about going to jail by his recent twitter page he mad.
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T.I. : Road To Redemption... Lil' Wayne Road to Rikers...

This dude never fails to entertain us, even on his way to jail on a plane.. lol

36 ounces

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Originally Posted by inspektahdeck

he got that TI and vick vacation
Add in the fact that he won't be pushin flowers, but rather in the pen sharing showers....
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Originally Posted by Ballerific703

Originally Posted by inspektahdeck

he got that TI and vick vacation
Nah, Vick was in a real prison. I wish Wayne was going to a real prison 
real prison? u ever been to rikers island? +#%@ is fiiled with a bunch of fools waiting to get sent upstate to do their bid
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He did 40 videos OP.
To many features, Carter IV is probraly 30 tracks in.

I know he has a mixtape coming, maybe two.

We wont even know hes gone..

"Ma----a Im goneeeeeeeeee!" (c) Lil Wayne.

"Im goin in!" (c) Lil Wayne.

"My girl keep saying that the judge got a date for me, I tell a silly +%%!$ and your honor they can wait for me!" (c) Lil Wayne

Oh yeah alot of these videos were green screen and real locations.

Willy Wonka Ft. Gudda

Im Single

We Be Steady Mobbin

Tyga Ft. Wayne - Im On It

Drake Ft. Wayne/Wayne Ft. Drake - ???


Knock Out

Drop The WOrld

Da Da Da

Dirty Money Ft. Lil Wayne - Strobe Lights

Sean Garrett Ft. Lil Wayne - Girls On Girls

Another Carter IV video.

2 Like Father Like Son II Videos.

Those are some videos he shot..
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