Official Hot Tub Time Machine Movie Thread Vol. Garbage

Joined Mar 5, 2008
Simply put, this movie is a garbage. I had a chance to watch a screening of it last night, and it's a rip off of Back to the Future, but filled with low brow humor.

Spoiler [+]
Nick = Marty Mcfly. He goes back to the future, plays in a band and raps "Let's get it started" from black eyed peas and becomes a sensation. When he returns back to the future he also has a new escalade, while Marty Mcfly received a lifted truck.
John cusack: he's always a writer or some literary guy in all his movies (2012 he was an author) and I forgot if they included his profession in this movie, but he does write poems
The bald guy has to get into a fight, such as George and Biff did), and the loser lookin' kid is his son who disappears, similar to  how Marty and his sister faded away, but then returned.
Chevy Chase = a lame version of the doc.
When they all return back to the future, everyone is well off and living a happy fairy tale life, just as what happened in Back to the Future.
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I enjoyed it for what it was...a comedy that didn't try to hard to be anything special.

Chevy Chase's character was horrible but other than that it was a pretty good movie
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A friend of mine kept making fun of this movie non-stop and now he wants to go see it
Joined Aug 1, 2005
are you surprised the movie sucks??? ITS CALLED HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big j 33

Joined May 31, 2006
It's got 66% on Rotten Tomatoes right now, which isn't bad at all considering how basic the script and concept is.
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Originally Posted by DublBagn

are you surprised the movie sucks??? ITS CALLED HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
qft. people acting like they're disappointed it won't be vying for best picture in the 2010 Oscars n #!#@
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Movie Plot is terrible yes. But the comedy that this movie provides will keep you laughing throughout unless you are some uptight dude w/o a sense of humor
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