Official Hubie Brown Appreciation Thread.

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i think hes boring. i really dont like any of the dudes that call the games. ill stick with my local announcers
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I Love Hubie... I was just talking to a co-worker of mine about how I wish he still had it in him to coach health wise that is, and how I wish he was able to coach my Bulls.

My Guy!
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[Hubie Voice]You know, there is no body in this league more composed and knowledgeable. His basketball IQ is just remaaaarkable. It is truly a pleasure to be able to sit and listen to this man speak. Now, you can look at a guy like Mark Jackson and see he's a young guy with plenty of potential at his position. And then, you can contrast this with a guy like Hubie Brown. Now you have to understand, the difference is quite substantial. [/Hubie Voice]
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Originally Posted by Mister Negative

Anyone that doesn't like or appreciate Hubie doesn't know basketball plain & simple...
Thanks for that link DCALLAmerican, that was very educational.Was looking for him to say athleticism, but came away with a whole lot more worthwhile information.  I always say his best individual job on a player was Jason Williams in Memphis and I am pretty sure Jason is glad he changed his game for the better.   These people who say they do not like him are the same people who do not understand the game and the same cats you do not want on your team for intramural or pickup ball.

 -edit- I did like when he asked during the interview am I talking too much   
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" Now, we knooow he likes to (insert skill set here), we knooow he likes to (insert skill set here).

he's always dropping knowledge
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[h3]The Hubie Brown archive[/h3]

The reference points of youth always hold a familiar appeal, and that's particularly true for sports fans. For instance, the starting lineups you recall most easily probably belong to the teams you followed most passionately as a kid. When I first discovered the NBA, Hubie Brown was the head coach of my hometown team, the Atlanta Hawks. The name "Hubie" is like catnip to a 7-year-old kid, and was bestowed upon a large stuffed gorilla who presided over the far corner of my bedroom.

At the time, I had no means to measure Brown's talents as a coach, or even appreciate that he led a team anchored by Dan Roundfield to a Central Division title on the strength of its gritty defense -- beating a far more talented Milwaukee Bucks team coached by Don Nelson. In the spring of 1981, when I read in the Atlanta Constitution that the Hawks had dismissed Brown, my father's explanation was my first understanding of what it meant for a person to be "fired."

I lost track of Brown for a few years, but was reintroduced in the late 1980s when CBS hired him as its lead NBA color commentator. Now as a teenager, I was eager to learn more about the pro game and Brown's insights fed that appetite well into the 1990s after he moved over to TNT.

Several months ago, I was culling YouTube for old broadcasts featuring Brown's commentary and stumbled across a treasure trove of instructional video clips. The segment below, "Setting Screens and Reading the Defense," is my favorite:

There are a hundred little things in this clip that make you smile -- the synth music, Brown's New Jersey cadence, the occasionally awkward cross-signals between Brown and his aides, Brown's insistence that "you have to have a philosophy" when you set a screen. There's plenty of unintentional comedy, but what's most entertaining about the clip is the amount of love Brown exudes for the game.

It's an affection that's present in his broadcasts, and one that can often be mistaken for minutiae. Whether it's an ABC Sunday matinee or an instructional video, Brown is engaged in a constant dialogue with the game. He'll pose a question ("You say why did he curl?"), then breeze into the answer ("He curled because the defender followed him."). Brown doesn't deliver a traditional story the way Vin Scully does, but he's sharing in a classical sense -- he's telling you secrets.

"The Secret to Practice Intensity"

"The Five Commandments of Basketball Defense"

"7-Step Practice Planning Formula"
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Hubie Brown is a joy to watch but c'mon NT....

Chuck and/or Kenny capture your attention everytime they give an analysis of a player/game. (SERIOUSLY).
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Originally Posted by CP1708

Now ya see, what we have here is a thread about a guy, who's knowledge is off the charts, ok?  You know each and every night what you're getting from him, he's going to deliver insight, smarts, and the same lines over and over again every time he touches the court.  (chuckles) You can't beat that, ok, I mean come on.  (chuckles again) 

he is appreciated. he actually drops knowledge during the game.

he should do games with breen , van gundy, and mark jackson
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Originally Posted by StylishStef89

Originally Posted by NobleKane

Originally Posted by KingFoamNYC

Originally Posted by NobleKane

OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! him and doug collins can go marry each other and do the romeo and julliette route.... those two SUCK
i know your just saying that for the lulz, you can't be serious man
No im dead serious. BOTH of those guys dont do their job right. They are supposed to be nuetral but you can clearly see when and what team they are pulling for during the game. That is NOT how you do your job.

Not to mention Doug Collins has an ego like michael jordan.

They are near impossible to tollerate.

Im sorry you get seduced by their fancy basketball wording.


also this is like his 5th appreciation post in niketalk history.

next time you hear him do me a favor and listen and tell me he doesnt talk down to the audience like they are some brainless 4 year olds lol

He doesn't talk down to the audience...if anything he breaks down the game so the casual fans will be able to understand whats going on. The more hardcore NBA fans are able to hear their own thoughts come out during Hubie's broadcasts.
Compared to him, your basketball knowledge is about as deep as a 4 year olds.
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Originally Posted by DipsetGeneral

Hubie Brown is a joy to watch but c'mon NT....

Chuck and/or Kenny capture your attention everytime they give an analysis of a player/game. (SERIOUSLY).
I respect Kenny's knowledge. I don't listen to Charles for analysis, I listen to him for humor.

However, Hubie is a HOF. One of the best teachers the sport has ever seen. I don't understand why you feel the need to downplay.
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What I love about Hubie is his ability to be so simple and concise with what it is he's trying to convey. If one were a basketball novice, he can get them to understand the eccentricities of the game on an understandable level. This is probably what made him such a good coach. Everything from heart and passion, to X's and O's. He knows the game inside out.

Very Appreciated
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DC, thanks to you and Strong Mind 3 for posting great links.  There is an archived podcast on ESPN's website from a few years ago where he called it FOOLISHNESS where all these guys coming out of the 2008 Olympics wanted to play with eachother.  Does anybody have any interviews with him recently to see if he still has the same feelings (about Bron, Wade, and Bosh)???  Also, is he even going to be commentating this year, he is almost 80 years old?  Like I have said before, I met him after a Hawks game last year and he will talk your ear off!  This year for all seven games of the finals I listened to Hubie and Dr. Jack on the Espn radio deal.  I would rewind the DVR box and listen to them commentate instead of listening to Mark Jackson, and Van Gundy talk about nothing that would entertain a deep basketball fan.  You would hear Hubie say things like, Farmar keeps missing the post man or he can not run the offense effectively ( which is why he is out of L.A.), or how Artest and Shannon Brown are getting Gasol and Bynum frustrated because they have missed them several times, or how when Kobe wants to take over they go into a "Horn" set (two big men at the top).  This is all stuff that you do not get from the televised ABC broadcast, instead they talk to the casual viewer. The DVR is full of ALL the games that Hubie did this year.  To the person who said he should do games with Mark Jackson and Van Gundy and Breen, NO HE DOES NOT, he did a game with Jackson and Breen this year and it was terrible.  He really showed how Jackson does not have that type of knowledge of the game and he played in the NBA!!!  He is perfectly set up with Tirico, but again the casual fan would not want to listen to Hubie and Dr. Jack during a national telecast, the game would make too much sense then.
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Damn Dr. Jack and Hubie in one booth. That is a once in a lifetime tag team right there man. LOL. THey remind me of each other so much.
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