Official i hate my job post

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Originally Posted by yancancook90

dont take it for granted , a lot of people are unemployed.
only reason im still at my current, dead end job ... i have no future right now but its hard to find a job i like with good salary, schedule and future ...FML!

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i used to say the same thing.

i currently don't have a job though. ive been able to support myself and pay my bills thanks to a few consistent side hustles but i would like to have areliable income at this time.
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like others have already said, you should be happy you are employed...especially in a recession. if you do choose to look for a new job, make sure youreceive/accept an OFFER before you put in your 2 weeks notice at your current job.

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Originally Posted by MoneyGrowsOnTreez

Yo, I hate my boss
Dude think he know it all
And I know I know it all
But I follow protocol
that song wasnt half bad.
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exactly. be thankful you have a job. do you know how many people right now would love to be in your shoes?

count your blessings.

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my job ain't bad, just started a new one. i know the owners and the place is hella laid back. plus i'm gettin 40+ hours per week and it keeps me busybut not stressed.
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Originally Posted by EveryDayKicks


Being a bagger at a grocery store sucks.

did this in high school. for tips. money was actually good.

and you can hate your job but still be grateful you have it. i wouldn't quit with how hard it is to find a steady paycheck right now but seriously, the waythings have been here, i hate my job. i'm just hanging around hoping something opens so i can move from being a contractor to an actual gov. employee
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Just because were in a recession doesn't mean he can't hate his job

I despise my job and the only reason I haven't left is because I can't find anything else
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