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Dec 14, 1999

Jordan Spizike White/Grey-Fire Red
Online Release (
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got the email, but 300 for some shoes and a bag, not worth it....the shoes themselves would cost about $185. + $100 for the bag and $10 for shipping....also not sure if tax is already included...i said no no all the dubzeros and im going to say no to all the spizike.
good luck to all those who want to cop these. hope you cop cuz u like not just because its a online limit release....dont buy into the hype
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this is some real crap. an ugly shoe and an ugly bag....but it'll sell out. and then end up on ebay for almost double.

i mean really....why would anyone want this shoe?? let alone the bundle.
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I want the shoes badly but for $295 for a bag and an Ipod case I don't think so. I don't even own an ipod this package is ridiculous :smh:
I think they killed the shoe with the grey midsole, if that had not been there, then MAYBE just MAYBE i would've copped the shoe itself. But if it only releases as this stupid package with worthless @#%$..then nope thats a pass for me
I must be the only person that likes the bag. I just wish it was not 295. I really do not like the shoes with that midsole. I donot know what to do because I do not want to be stuck with the shoes so I will probly pass.
is the link in the email or what because im a team meber and i still have not recived the email. can anyone give me the link for them
Ijapino's fueling the hypebeast fire with the exclamation point. :lol:
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I actually like the colors of the shoe...not the Spizikes though. And the price is outrageous...
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heres my opion on these shoes if you are a true jordan shoe head you will not cop these and save your money for something better! what a disgrace :smh:
heres my opion on these shoes if you are a true jordan shoe head you will not cop these and save your money for something better! what a disgrace :smh:

Not to dis your opinion but I believe a true Jordan/Sneaker Head buys what he/she likes.I like the kicks and the bag and I will be copping.

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at least these are a bit toned down, but none the less they're spizikes...
I already have a pair so this is a major pass and the first online package i will not buy............If it was the shoes alone and a t-shirt I would buy a second pair.............and for resellers if you buy this your making a big mistake.......Vintage Kicks does have a pair for sale......Mark My words this shoe WILL HIT MOM AND POP STORES IN THE COMING MONTHS.....I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT...CANT GIVE UP MY SOURCE BUT THIS PERSON IS ALWAYS RIGHT ABOUT JORDAN STORE AND ONLINE RELEASES.
I am one of the few people that openly like the Spiz'ikes. I originally liked them for showing respect to Spike himself with the original colorway, and every colorway since has been ok to me since I have purchased all 3 (on discount though lol).

Now I really like this colorway. It's a kind of a throwback to the original Bulls colors, which we don't get much of nowadays. But $295 for this is ridiculous. How can they charge this much for one shoe & a bag when they charged the same price last year for two classic shoes sold together (DMP)???
Even with the NDC 20% off, this still isn't worth it.

Plus, I see these ending up in mom & pop stores by August, the same way the Thunder & Lightning pack & Nubuck XII's did.
I'll probably cop when that happens. Online exclusives always end up on the street/outlets or on sale sooner or later (i.e. Collection Royale, Lebron IV Bday's and Golds).
do u think they will end up going to store after they fail i like the shoe but the bag and the price sorry def no buy
perfect to wear with my OSU football jersey, but prolly wont get to get them
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