Official Mitchell and Ness Thread: Jerseys, Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Questions POST EM UP

I don't see this deal?

Wouldn't mind picking up an old Knicks jersey for my pops.

Nvm: Thanks homie. Repped.
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F, just copped a usa jersey couple days ago. If i knew this deal was gonna happen i woulda load up. Shouts out OP. anybody know when it ends
Yes!! It's on for summer time. Word I guarantee you jerseys about to hit big this summer. I know NT don't follow trends and it's 2014 and who wears jerseys, yada yada yada y'all lame.
LoL ... Why dudes getting mad ... do you playas ... I'm good without one. Was a SRS question too haven't seen someone wearing a jersey in forever ..
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