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How about sizing on hockey jerseys? I got a large one before that fit way too big, thinking about trying a small over medium due to how big the size large was.
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Thinking of getting an nfl jersey for my pops. He's 5'10 190. Any tips for sizing ? I'm only used to getting bball jerseys from M&N. @zyzz I need your expertise here lol. Much appreciated.
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Damn good looking out, hopefully the medium fits. Grab a Gary Payton and Anthony Mason :nthat:
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Wow. Big Country Bryant Reeves. :lol: They didn't have Bibby or Shareef?
:lol: I was looking for a Bibby, but no luck. I liked the big 50 on the back than the single digit #3. Plus, Big Country was :pimp: during his short stint in the league.

If anyone knows how to get the white Penny jersey for $100, please enlighten us. That was next to buy on my list, but I'm not paying $300 for it.
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Doesn't look like the Penny is $100 unfortunately. That jersey is :smokin though
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