Official New Shoe Store in the NW, GRAND OPENING=?????????

one thing i would really like to see is consignment, or at least a place to obtain older shoes. i would liek a place where i could pick up an older pair of jordans, like some og 13s or old retros on consignment or something like that. just some sort of way to get older shoes, because right now it seems like its mostly dunks/ new stuff around here. good luck!
^ gear? how so? would you like to see stuff like undftd/supreme/dqm/goods??

or should it be like LRG/STUSSY/BAPE...or both?

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haha viet. i can't say anything as of now.

but i am intrested to see what you've all heard, if you've heard anything.

as the days get closer we will leak more information. keep it locked kids.
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^ i feel you new5en5e, i wanted to get a scope of how the whole NW would feel about this new store, and to let "the owner" see how the people are reacting to this, i am leaking NO INFORMATION about this store, and i will not untill i get the OK's from "the owner" to do so.

Keep in mind anything you guys say, will be read by "the owner", this is basically like a survey of what you guys think. Also keep in mind that "the owner" has no idea about this post as of now, i decided on my free will to inform the NW about the store, since the opening should be as i said, soon.

keep the ideas/comments/suggestions coming....

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Thank god that NEIGBORHOOD has been DYING for a sneaker spot. :tongue:

Theres always room for more, certainly would like to see what this mystery individual comes up with,

I would suggest one thing, only carry sizes 12-13 to limit my disappointment on outtages.

New5en5e? Mags? back me up on this one.

Also since I will be turning 30 next Sat (OMFG!!!!) I think they should have a senior citizen discount, and in the sneaker community I think seniors should be defined as those over..hmmmm, well just play it safe and say 29 and a half.
he needs to try and get all the releases that are pretty exclusive. like if he had a store right now to make sure that he got the invisible womens. and if its towards the north side maybe he could have a baber chair or two in or connected to the shop cuz the north side is definately cravin a babershop but i know thats prolly a long shot. have him sell everything like i said though sbs-j's, vans, everything.

oh and by the way i co-sign the consignment idea but dont do it as a website thing like capitol did actually have it in the stor it would make the vibe way better if u could just peep all the sick old stuff that was for sale and have him charge the people to be able to put that stuff in his store.
jordan releases should be a national holiday
i would love a website for strickly NW heads, also SBs would be nice. Jordans would be great too especially some OGs and retros from awhile back like a mom & pop should be located in renton cause the north has some...

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I'm curious if you had to choose between a sb account and quickstike/tier 0 which would you rather have for the store
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
our area doesnt have any place where we can get exclusive gear. (bape, bbc, etc..) so definitely keep that in mind as that would make the store more attractive for potential customers. a tier0 account would also be nice because we don't have one either (right?). consignment is definitely a good idea because if it doesn't work out in the end the business really hasn't lost any money. thats my 2sense. 8)
actually I've heard of this upcoming store believe it or not all the way from Florida. Either the owner himself leaked the 411 or the sneakerheads around here know their info! This subject matter was relayed to me since I'm a frequent visitor of the Seattle/B.C. area.

It is great to see another store open up in Washington like mentioned earlier. I am sick and tired of sending stuff out to my Seattle connects (you know who you guys & gal are..jus kiddin Rey!) who aren't catching a break from any of your stores up there. Here are a few suggestions for the OWNER:

1) lets keep things at RETAIL!! Savvy sneakerheads would rather get things for a good price elsewhere than frequent a store that overprices their product. Trust me, everyone will be hyped up that there's a new store in town but word of mouth/message boards alone will kill that noise if the store is known to overprice.

2)stay HUMBLE and know your place in the sneakerworld. Being the new kid on the block, you are on the low end of the totem pole. You are not the @#%$ overnight. Your business will only grow by leaps and bounds depending on your interaction w/ your customers. This isn't the kind of business where the more money you flash, the more clientele you will get. there's nothing more irritating that a sneaker store owner with a braggadocio attitude and on the other end of the spectrum, being an owner with no personality is a no-no.

3)KNOW your product not just the hype that it creates. Get involved with your reps. Communicate with them. They are your insiders. Not just, not just niketalk, etc. etc.

4)lets get the product you are selling out to the GENERAL PUBLIC not friends/pets/cousins/posse/homies. If you want to keep only those mentioned as your customers and not want to prosper in gathering the most clientele possible then sell all the hot product to your pals. Again, word of mouth/messageboards will kill you if this practice is leaked.

These are just a few suggestions off the head. If there are anymore, I'll have my peoples from the 206 post em. I wish this business well. It will give me another place to visit whenever I visit the beautiful Northwest. Tell me this though, is the owner's initials S.G.? :b
If so, we'll be watching. I've actually passed your mall kiosk before and kept on walking. Do you want to know why? The booth was full of your followers/posse members that made it uncomfortable for foot traffic to obtain service. So I guess that would be suggestion #5....make your new business venture a COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT to all that visit, not just a place for your entourage to hang out. Best wishes.
SB's in a sz 6 or limited men shoes in a size 6 would be nice since there are a lot more female sneaker heads around now and most stores dont carry smaller sizes or stuff for the ladies.

Got mad at it and don't want it no more[/center]
^just because Nike may not show us THAT much love in the starting prossess, although having both would be ideal.
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
I would suggest one thing, only carry sizes 12-13
...and let me be the store's mascot--I'm itchin' to give Squatch a beat down! I hate that furry @#%$! What's up with that skate team btw?
Call uit Big Fame One shops here.

So tier zero or SB, well for me Id rather see zero BUT I think sb might be the money making move if you have to go with one or the other.
they should have it near southcenter.. all the sneaker stores are in downtown seattle and its hella crowded down there. well i suggest to get some of the limited releases so that people that missed out could still cop..
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