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I'm not mad i'm just tired of these games lol

o well
Seriously though like out of all pairs why pull this with the SB’s :smh:

First sign was that mediocre Deion rendition then he had the all red version that ain’t drop now this :frown:

Bron really be on some troll stuff with his on signature sneaker though :lol:

Joined Dec 9, 2006
If I remember correctly, we should have the ability to vote for a pe to release once the Lebron watch is officially over. So therefore we could still have a shot at these if we vote on them. (Although I’m not sure who really has a shot cuz I know I’ve never won a draw)
I was just about to say this. SB's aint doing it for me though... yall can have them. Griffeys are in my crosshairs (those those deions a few pages back are raw)
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The first thing I noticed about Nike’s stock photos of the SB’s is that they’re Lebrons actual PE’s with the outriggers... I knew immediately that we weren’t getting them lol...

The stock photos of the Waffles have the general release outsoles... maybe Nike plans on releasing these...?
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