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Sep 28, 2020

Banks really started leaning into fees and away from traditional loan / deposit net interest margin as a major income driver in the wake of the turbulent interest rates markets in the 70’s precisely because they were worried about their ability to manage rates risk.

SVB shareholders are likely losing their entire investment. Management is looking at clawbacks. They are getting what they gave to a large extent.
Aug 11, 2012
The Silicon Valley tech bros played a long game…and they may have won

One of the most effective Psyops I’ve ever seen. And media/publications took their money, did PR and elevated them to the masses as forward thinkers. When in reality, they were just new age tech oligarchs. No different from the oil and gas tycoons etc from before. Same people who taught children the games of Monopoly and Tycoon as being aspirational.

Try rewatching the show Sillicon Valley, The Social Network movie, Snowden movie, or any of the hundreds talk shows and publications that these guys used to launder their image. Same thing.
Aug 20, 2001
zero clue how you make it to being a whole adult without knowing how to wash your own clothes

They have to be capping. What did they do in college? Go home biweekly to have their moms do their laundry. Also ole boy must not know how to use the internet. You can google laundry services that will come to the crib, pick up your dirty clothes, wash them and deliver them back the next day. All around failure of a human being.
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