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Well, it's progress.
Trump finally acknowledges his tariffs could hit consumers
(Emphasis mine)

President Trump has repeated the same mantra for months: The Chinese are paying the full price of his tariffs. It’s a line that the overwhelming majority of economists and business owners say is false, but Trump kept saying it — until Aug. 13.

The White House announced Tuesday that the president’s latest tariffs on China would be delayed on many popular items like cellphones, laptops and strollers. The 10 percent tax would not go into effect until Dec. 15, effectively ensuring retailers can import goods for the holidays before the tariffs take effect.

Trump himself told reporters the delay is to ensure consumers don’t face higher costs this Christmas. Here are his full remarks:

“We are doing this for the Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. consumers. So far they’ve had virtually none. The only impact has been that we’ve collected almost $60 billion from China, compliments of China. But just in case they might have an impact on people, what we’ve done is we’ve delayed it so they won’t be relevant for the Christmas shopping season,” Trump told reporters before he flew to western Pennsylvania.
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yikes at the trump campaign putting that on their official website.
so lets say that word is offensive and a slur to Italians. why on earth would they put that on a shirt and sell it for the president. serious question.
I've never heard it used like that but regardless of that, i'm not Italian and i'm not qualified to talk about what offends them but if a person is telling you something is offensive to their race/ethnicity/etc. why not take them at their word for it????

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osh kosh bosh osh kosh bosh can you confirm this
asked some cousins and that is correct apparently.

I think it started as 419 email scammer lingo to describe gullible Americans that spread to common use.

I think it's roughly equivalent to like calling someone a "mark"

but again, Trump's approval rating is high in Nigeria near as I can tell, so Kurt's wild wrong if he thinks Nigerians, are laughing at Trump. :lol:
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but again, Trump's approval rating is high in Nigeria near as I can tell, so Kurt's wild wrong if he thinks Nigerians, are laughing at Trump.
While listening to the Washington Journal this morning, I noticed that there was a lot of African immigrants calling to support Trump's new immigration policy. In fact, most callers who disagreed with the public charge policy were women from European and South American countries.

But I suppose the support for Trump has a lot to do with him faking being religious (and anti-lgbt/anti-abortion).
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Listening to the immigrants' comments on the Washington Journal this morning was an exercise in witnessing people miss the point. The question raised by the new DHS rule isn't about taking advantage of the system; it is about whether, as people who been contributing to US society (by paying taxes and bringing different perspectives that encourage innovation), immigrants should be subjected to a different set of rules (no safety net) when they get in a bind (loss of job, illness, etc...).

Legal immigrants work and pay into this system, but they don't even get to vote on how their tax dollars are spent. Does it not look like exploitation to folks?
As a legal immigrant working here, I pay state and federal taxes and social security. I don't get to enjoy any of the social benefit programs of this country, hell even the loans I apply for are limited. I basically contribute the same amount to American society as an American citizen would in my exact same position. And guess what, I'm still choosing to stay here. That's the most frustrating thing about this whole immigration debate. We're here because this place gives us the most opportunity, we're choosing to be in a country that doesn't provide us the same privileges and rights a citizen would get despite the same contributions. In many ways, immigrants love this country the most but the only thing you'll ever hear is how we're here to take jobs. Smh.

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Yeah I skip the random live videos and stick to my subs on YouTube. Even then they're in the comments depending on who's in the video. Kind of wild to watch this information warfare waged and our supposed great nation just sit here and take it.
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Schilling is a con. Ask residents in Rhode Island what they think of him.


Jimmies are gonna be rustled.
**** man he already sold out Brooklyn to help get that Nyets stadium built...... I just don’t think it’s gonna work this time. He’s been called out before for stunts like this when he was in his popularity prime.
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