OFFICIAL RAP BATTLE THREAD: Hitman Holla vs. Aye Verb p.12

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Brizz whole excuse was corny. I ain’t even on social media like that but I follow battle rap heavy and I knew Mook’s mom passed away. But besides that bar alone isn’t what caused Mook to punch him and make Brizz run away off the stage holding his jaw.

The fact that he wasn’t letting Mook rap was the problem. I’m all for the charades when the actual person is rapping but when someone is causing a distraction while someone is rapping and doing extra **** is disrespectful to the person rapping and people watching.

It’s good when these battle rap “gangstas” get exposed too. Most of these dudes ain’t built like that. If you gonna talk tough make sure you can back it up. I honestly can’t stand watching some of these dudes who are obviously cotton soft talk tough. Take that to don’t flop or grind time B. URL is for the real ******.
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Yeah I ain't buying Brizz saying he didn't know about Mooks mom, specially if they follow each other's on social media.
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Most interesting thing in battle rap in a long time. I hope they actually somewotrsin for this and it’s not a charity style fight with head gear. Let them settle in the ring
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It was bad all around.
Don’t get me started on Cass, been a fan and still a fan but it’s time to hang it up. ***** really is stuck in 2006 with nothing being written for the opponent. It’s all **** that would work if you didn’t know your opponent :smh::sick:


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Gecchi Gotti isn't that nice to me. All he ever raps about is how he's a real gang banger and he's done hard time. We get it. Battle rap is about bars I really don't care who's realer.

It was a good battle though. Ars was better than usual
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