**Official Texas Grape Release/Pickup Thread**

Oct 19, 2004
Put all questions/info concerning the Grape V Release you have if you reside in Texas.This is the post for the people that care to help out the other Texas NT'ers.If you guys remember last time i made this post,i helped ALOT of Texas Heads in H-Town & Dallas find the Black Laser IV's for Retail.Well,this time i'am going to be heading to Houston for the Grapes so if anyone wants to help me out,it would be appreciated..If not,then don't even reply..I'm down here in CS for School now,so i haven't had interaction with Nike/JB for about a month now..So i have to actually go out and get a pair for this particular release..

As far as Houston this is what i know..

Premium Goods
Active Athlete
Athlete's Foot

Houston Heads know of any other places that might charge Retail?

Dallas head to Redbird or Town East for these..A couple of stores there should have them..Remember to pack some heat though.. :lol:

Also try DK Foot & Casual..

San Antonio,you should just drive to Austin & hit Highland Mall,because SA never gets limited Releases...There's only like one spot if anything..

Let's help each other out NT to obtain this release...Also all these places are off my head so please forgive if they no longer carry LS Releases.Just trying to help everyone out that wants these.


..:team TEXAS:..
since i already got mine in houston go to Sharpstown. They most likely have the highest quantity of grapes in the city, Footaction and Athlete's Foot got them there.. Try to be there WAY before 10 cause thats when they will open the door and let few folks in at a time. ONce you get in just pick your spot.....there will always be dumb folk running to Champs lol.....Athlete's foot got bout 18 and Footaction got their usual 50.

ALot of Footactions inside Beltway 8 and 610 Got these.......Trust

Hope this helps
I'm in Austin but I work 3rd shift on friday night no time to camp out, Can anyone help me to cop a sz 12? non-kobe price please, I have $$ just need help.
SlimK4 has pretty much told u were 2 go in Houston.. take heed 2 his info...also hit up active if nothing else... they will charge a couple of bucks more than retail but they're super legit...

btw, I broke so many necks on campus today, they're necks are probably still sore... perfect weather 4 jaywalking!!!
Wanted List:
Frankenstein Af1 Sz. 12
Frankenstein New Era Sz. 7 3/4

im in corpus christi, TX and nobody wants to help me out i think i am the only efffin nter out here.
i need to find a spot within a two hour drive
'sigh' i am all alone.

oh well anyways I NEED A SIZE 9.5 anybody?

What time are yall getting to highland late friday night?
I Wear Size 12.5...It's a Curse
dunks are the most overrated shoe of all time
Big Mikes it out of grapes at least for my size (9)
: ( oh well......
I think its God disguised as Michael Jordan
-Larry Bird
Picked mine up on Monday, I went through all 40 pairs and every single 1 was yellowing
Team Dirty​
Cause we get them Dirty deals... member # 1.1​
Houston will have plenty of pairs...no need 2 wait in line 2 long for these....we buy da most Jordans in the country....JB knows this....we'll have plenty to go around!
Wanted List:
Frankenstein Af1 Sz. 12
Frankenstein New Era Sz. 7 3/4

I live in Oak cliff, Dallas, is their any niketalkers from dallas that are gonna go lineup?
on the realz tho, whats a sig?
I really hope this turns out like some people had predicted and the general public stays away from these. It would be a miracle to have just a few people there. But I know that's not going to happen. Even if it does, there's bound to be resellers there waiting to buy tons of pairs. Ideally, I would be able to get my hands on 2 pair, one to wear and one keep but when it really comes down to it I just need one. :\
we buy da most Jordans in the country

you sure? i woulda thought cities on the east coast or even chicago would sell more jordans than here.
houston doesnt sell the most jordans, but it is one of the top in the country though.
i'm flying into Austin tomorrow...anyone know where i can pick these grapes up? I've never been to Tex before, but @#%$, for some shoes...i'm willing to find my way around to find them!!
dang dawg if you flying into Austin Tomorrow (Sept 30) The grapes gonna be long gone by then..... your best bet is logging into a computer and trying out eastbay real talk
Are any Dallas NTers camping out? I'm with the other dude... I'm not camping but I'm getting there early... Yo bro... Where you headed?

P.S. - No DK Foot & Casual got higher than size 12.
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