Original Dream Team Jersey

They have them at the NIKETOWNs in the states and they go go for $80US. They look sweet. Double thick material, extra stitching, and a gold inner lining around the edges is a real nice touch. Just my take on seeing them first hand.


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Yep! But Nike Online doesn't have Mike and Magic's jersey on stock..... I cannot ask my relatives to buy it at the stores coz I know they won't have time for it... unlike if they buy it online...

AM hoping it would drop here... even if it is PHP4K i will cop these...
@#%$......i gotta run to niketown. i didn't know they dropped already....
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yeah. they look good. i hope it releases back home.
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I need Magic Johnson's no.15 in my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've seen this jersey in person and did not like the quality of it. First of all, its double layered. Second of all, its not like the original jersey in where it was jersey with holes. This one is like the new style NBA jerseys where theres no holes.
PM me if you want a jersey. I'll see if it's worth shipping for us.
By the way, I have this for sale...
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if they include these in the coming f&f...it will be worth coppin....
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heads up...they are included in the f and f so.......go buy and buy!!!!
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