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Jan 6, 2006
anyone been to the allen or hillsboro or grapevine mills nike outlet recently? anything good? goin next week.
Grapevine Mills Outlet, Grapevine, TX
Lebron IV Black/Black 89.99 FSR
Jordan SU Trainer 59.99 FSR
Nike SB (There was a FSR of yellow/black, grey, and an ugly orange pair) 49.99 if I remember right
Melo 3 Grey/ White and Black/Blue 79.99 FSR
Jordan V Olive Messenger Bag 59.99
Jordan Classic Black/Gold 59.99 FSR
Jordan Lightning Package T Shirt 9.99 (had a bunch of these with the rare air tags)
They had few different pairs of dunks in FSR for 49.99, only pair I remember were the dijon/green.

posted by ballatwork in the outlet update thread in the nike retro section
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