Parties Gettin Shut Down Unappreciation


formerly bigdanes14
Joined May 10, 2006
DAMN IT! Just got back from a hotel Bday party and it got shut down by security gaurds bcuz too loud.

Got there at 1030 ended at 12.

Oh well I got my drinks in.

Share your experience.
Joined Aug 30, 2008
Especially when DooDoo Brown(I hate that song BTW) is about to come on, so you run to a wall to brace yourself on and the females are getting prepared to gocrazy and then 'knock knock' the cops come and 'Click' the music goes off..smh


Joined Apr 22, 2009
I cyster threw mad parties last year and none got shut down. we live in a good neighborhood no one ever calls the cops

As far as other peoples homes theres been a few, id say 1 outta 5 gets raided by the police
Joined Oct 4, 2008
I hosted a house party cause my parents were out last weekend. The party basically died when one of my friends yacked all over my carpet

Nobody wanted to dance anymore and people were stepping on it and it was all bad. It took me and my friends like 20 minutes to clean some of it off but ifinished cleaning it the day after.
Joined Jan 22, 2009
they stop this one party onece because I blew a fire ball in the house and burnt this girls eyebrows off.
Joined Apr 3, 2007
Whenever there's a fight or at least way too much smoking inside the premises, then this will likely happen, at least around my way.
Joined Feb 12, 2008
yea cops around here got nothin better to do, so they go around tryin to bust parties as early as possible
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