Jan 23, 2001
Any old (NT) oldtimers have the link to Pat's Air Jordan page information? I somehow lost it when I switched computers. Thanks

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yeah, he announced it and gave everyone the opportunity to grab pics for awhile.


Would be a shame if he did.

His whole hangup was kids emailing him on the regular asking him to sell "X" shoe and people just constantly disrespecting. He was basically a real life version of before he got fed up.

I could think of a handful of other places that would have done something better with them than ISS.

Can anyone confirm that?

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What a nice dude, too. He was the one who first gave me advice about store kicks....
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i remember seeing this when i first started collecting and i thought this guy was out of his mind. never in my life have i seen so many shoes. but i wish i could see some of those pics again...
man Pat was cool as hell. and nobody on here could touch that collection. he had @ least 2 pairs of every jordan released.every colorway of og,retro, reretro you name it Pat had it. and he did sell most of his shoes to iss.i was wondering what happened to Pat the other day. p.s. thanx Attaq for posting that link. i forgot to copy it when i changed computers.
does anyone still have a pic of his collection...would really like to see it myself!!!!
!!!WANTED!!! Air Jordan VI's sz 7.5 - 8.5 in any colors!!!
Some of the pics still work. I looked at his entire collection. He had major heat. Wow. I know iss was happy when he hit them up!
His collection was sold on consignment via ISS but realize that ISS wasn't looked down upon at that time as it is today. In fact he made a post on NT asking the best way to sell off his collection and ISS was the conclusion.

And Pat's Jordan knowledge was insane and this was back in the '98-'00 when the whole internet sneaker scene was fairly new, meaning his knowledge wasn't the accumulation of what he read on Niketalk, etc. over the years.
I don't know to much about iss. I did but a pair of xi's on there about 2 years ago. Why does nt look down on them now?
almost all pictures work all content is still there

The Pictures all work for me atleast


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This is a very informative website. All shoeheads should definately give this site a good long read.

BTW some of the pics stll work, but a good majority are not working.
Best collection of all time?
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"Not knowing our ways'll get you capped like an NBA salary."

- Talib Kweli
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