People needing something tragic to happen to appreciate life...

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or they only find God in jail. Why is that what most people need in order to appreciate life? Ive never been in jail and have never been through something tootragic and guess what I love life and appreciate it. I know you cats are going to be like " do you and let others worry for themselves " but im justtired of people being in good shape mentally and physically and not caring about life then needing a near death experience to appreciate life. Listen if youhave a bad job, {at least you have one} if your girl left you {dont worry, you will meet a hotter nicer one that will make you forget about your ex} justenjoy life and be thankful for what you got and dont wait for something bad to happen too be like " wow, i most died dude, God im thankful for living imgoing to change my ways" Enjoy life my dudes and enjoy your mothers day with your moms, wifey, auntie, grams or whoever.


formerly mac4167
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i think all people at some point in life need to be grounded, but like the guy above me said, its human nature for people to be ungrateful at times.
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its the ignorance of man(kind), we never appreciate what we have until we almost lose it or its gone. this includes everything ESPECIALLY our lives.
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because we dont realize what have until we dont have it anymore or its almost taken away from us.
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